Smartbooks: Embracing Linux With Open ARMs

Asus notwithstanding, netbooks have received a great deal of attention in the Linux community for their role in gaining wider acceptance for our favorite operating system.

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Ion-based Linux Nettop Soars in Review

Berkeley, Calif.-based system integrator ZaReason is selling what appears to be the first Linux-based nettop equipped with both an Intel Atom 230 and Nvidia's Ion companion chip.
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Moblin v2.0 Beta Refresh for Netbooks - June 7

A refresh of the Moblin v2.0 beta for Netbooks image is available for download and testing. This release fixes a number of bugs and adds new features.
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The Top Four Linux Netbook Trends

If you take all the Linux netbook announcements from the Computex trade show and add them up, they equal good times ahead for the Linux desktop.
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Invasion of the Android Snatchers

Android — the mobile phone platform, not the AI-bearing robots — is the buzzword of the moment for netbook developers.
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