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How Openstack Stores Data in the Cloud with Cinder

Without solid storage, the data of the cloud lives only in the moment. Within OpenStack, storage comes in two flavors: object storage, which stores chunks of information, and block storage, which is more analogous to the traditional idea of a disk drive image. 

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Cloud Technology Partners PaaSLane - Validating Enterprise Apps

Enterprise applications may or may not be ready for cloud deployment. Cloud Technology Partners believes that PaaSLane is the perfect tool for evaluating enterprise Java and .NET applications and determining if they're ready for the cloud.

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OpenStack's Top Operating System: Ubuntu Linux

Lots of operating systems run on the OpenStack cloud, but Ubuntu Linux is most users' favorite.

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Want an IT job? Learn OpenStack

Whether you love living in the cloud or still cling to your desktop applications whenever possible, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that the cloud is where computing is headed. And if you’re seeking to keep your skills relevant to the IT jobs of today, and tomorrow, understanding...

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Certified Mirantis OpenStack Admins are Gaining Traction in Enterprises

OpenStack, the very hot open source cloud platform, is emerging as a generator of a lot of top tech jobs, and, as we've reported, open source skills in general are highly valued in the current job market.

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