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Migrate your Java Application from Heroku to OpenShift

This blog post outlines steps for migrating a Java application running on Heroku over to Red Hat's Platform as a Service, OpenShift.

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Oracle Joins OpenStack Foundation, Announces Integration Plans

From patent srikes that the company has fired at Google and other companies, to shutting down many of the open source projects that it acquired with Sun Microsystems, we've watched Oracle do many anti-open things in recent years. However, it may come as a surprise that Oracle has announced that it is now a corporate sponsor of The OpenStack Foundation. 

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Three OpenStack Myths To Consider As We Close Out 2013

We’re three and a half years into OpenStack® and there is still confusion about exactly what OpenStack is, how to compare OpenStack to other cloud platforms, and specific use cases for OpenStack. I find myself having the same conversations over and over again in an attempt to debunk the myths and misperceptions in the market. There are a number of them, but to help people who are still getting up to speed with OpenStack, let’s focus in on the three largest.

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IBM Will Minimize Impact of Future Disasters

Not even Mighty Big Blue can stop a hurricane. But. IBM and Marist College are testing a new cloud computing innovation that could help prevent disruptions in voice and data communications services caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. more>>...

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Google Ups The Ante Against Amazon's Cloud, And That's A Good Thing For Business

Google has finally opened up its new cloud-computing service to business and individual customers everywhere—which looks to be great news for them, and potentially real trouble for current cloud leader Amazon. In much the same way that Microsoft long ago became the de facto standard for PC software at the expense of IBM, Google is angling to upend the market for cloud computing by making it widely available, easy to use and inexpensive. 

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