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Google's Go Programming Language: Taking Cloud Development By Storm

What do popular projects like Docker, Heroku's and Cloud Foundry's (Go)Router all have in common? They're all written in Go (a.k.a. "golang"), Google's five-year-old programming language. 

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Docker Begins Straddling Free and Paid Services

Here at OStatic, we're big fans of Docker, and we've been following recent developments surrounding it, including Red Hat starting to offer certification for Docker apps. 

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A Meetup for Docker and OpenStack integration

Docker is nothing more than a handy container. But for a lot of use cases, it's opening up amazing new possibilities for making development and deployment work together more closely than ever. It's an open source project designed to make it easy to create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers of an application,...

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Docker Gets a New Release and a New Nod of Approval

The Docker open source container project has released version 0.9, which is particularly notable for two major improvements: execution drivers and libcontainer. Second, it got a major boost when Red Hat announced the extension of its application certification program to include containerized applications.

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How Openstack Stores Data in the Cloud with Cinder

Without solid storage, the data of the cloud lives only in the moment. Within OpenStack, storage comes in two flavors: object storage, which stores chunks of information, and block storage, which is more analogous to the traditional idea of a disk drive image. 

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