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Cloud Evangelist Podcast: Live from LinuxCon Europe with Red Hat's Dave Neary and Gordon Haff

Recording the first in a series of podcasts this week in Edinburgh as part of Linuxcon Europe / CloudOpen. Today's show has interviews with Dave Neary of Red Hat’s OSAS team talking oVirt, open hybrid cloud, OSS goodness and then Gordon Haff my opposite number from Red Hat USA talking Cloud Security my favourite subject.

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Convergence In The Cloud

Many of you will have heard about Ubuntu’s convergence goals on the client side — running a single, consistent code-base and experience that adapts to phones, desktops, tablets, and TVs…but are you aware of our convergence on the cloud? Ubuntu and our cloud orchestration service, Juju, provides a platform and the tools to be able to deploy your service (from a simple blog to a full enterprise and production deployment) across a range of clouds…be it a public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal. Prototyping, staging, deploying to production, and scaling up are simple. At the heart of Juju are the charms…the range of components that form a service (e.g. WordPress, Hadoop, Mongo, Drupal etc). Inside each charm is an encapsulation of best practice from domain experts for each component that automates how charms relate together in your service. Best...

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10 Years of Xen: Transforming a Dinosaur Into a Bird

On October 21st, 2003 at the 19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles the Xen Hypervisor was first revealed as an open source project to the public. Exactly 10 years ago. Not many open source projects recover from mistakes like the ones the Xen community made. The Xen Project managed to do this, through a combination of introducing good governance, active efforts to collaborate with other open source projects, rebooting marketing efforts and actively working with users and contributors to the project.

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OpenStack Havana, the Eighth Version of the Cloud Platform, Arrives

The next major release of the OpenStack public, private and hybrid cloud computing platform, dubbed Havana, is now out. If you think this is just an incremental release, check out the huge list of contributors at the bottom of this page. The eighth release of the platform has more than 400 new features. 

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Community Management Tips from Greg DeKoenigsberg of Eucalyptus

 Leading communities as individually unique as those found in open source software is not a job that many people would want to take on. Yet, Greg DeKoenigsberg has...

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