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Why Enterprises Should Get Involved in the Open Cloud Now

While startups, developers, and small businesses flock to behemoth public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine that give them a profoundly efficient bang for their buck, bigger enterprises largely stick to paying the high cost for private clouds. They are wary of potential availability and security issues...

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Netflix Plans to Dump Silverlight for HTML5 Streaming

Movie-rental service plans to switch its streaming over to the emerging video format as soon as three WC3 initiatives are complete. [Read more]    ...

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Biggest Names in Cloud are Turning to Liquid Cooling

Christopher Mims at Quartz reports that many of the big players in the Cloud space are migrating from air-controlled cooling to liquid cooling systems lead by companies like Green Revolution and Asetek. In an un-air-conditioned shed in a location Price will not disclose, alongside bags of salt used to run a water softening system, sit waist-high tanks full of...

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6 (More) Signs the Open Source Cloud Is Gaining Ground

There seems to be no end in sight to the uncertainty and debate over what, exactly, constitutes an open source cloud. What's far more clear, however, is that the concept is rapidly gaining ground. Here are just a few pieces of evidence from the past few weeks that suggest the open cloud is on the rise.

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Piston Ships Enterprise OpenStack 2.0, Focused on Easy Deployment

Very steadily, Piston Cloud has gained a reputation as a company with some smart strategies surrounding the OpenStack open cloud computing platform and how it can serve enterprises. In February, the company also announced that it had raised $8 million in Series B financing follows a $4.5 million Series A round in July, 2011. This week, the company has delivered its "turnkey" Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 distribution, which looks like a relatively easy way to start dabbling with an OpenStack cloud deployment.  Piston is specifically targeting enterprises that want to "end dependency" on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud needs. According to the announcement of  Enterprise OpenStack 2.0: "Our turnkey OpenStack software allows organizations to take full advantage of OpenStack without the administrative complexity, so they can focus on building and deploying applications instead of on their infrastructure,” said Jim Morrisroe, CEO of Piston Cloud. “Piston Enterprise OpenStack 2.0...

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