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The Women of OpenStack Talk Outreach, Education, and Mentoring

In the open source world, a women-only event seems counter-intuitive. Yet I am finding reasons for such events the more I attend them. At the OpenStack Summit, a twice-a-year event where OpenStack contributors get together to plan the next release, the Women of OpenStack group has set up events where...

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VMware's Results Show It Competing Well Despite Open Source Threats

 VMware reported its fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and what's remarkable is that despite a number of open source virtualization and cloud computing advancements that serve up free competition to VMware's products, the company continues to hold its ground. 

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IT's Losing Battle Against Cloud Adoption

Asking IT about emerging trends in enterprise computing is increasingly a fool's errand. Open source pioneer Billy Marshall once quipped that "the CIO is the last to know," because she was too far removed from what open-source code her IT team was downloading or which SaaS services they were accessing. 

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Linode's Command Line Interface Tool Helps Automate Cloud Servers

All over the technology arena, the Command Line Interface (CLI) still commands attention. As a case in point, Linode, a player in the cloud hosting space, today announced availability of the Linode CLI, a tool that provides a way to provision and manage Linode cloud services from the command line. The tool is designed to enable users to easily automate common tasks, such as creating, rebooting, or resizing servers, while also making it possible to manage DNS records and distribute workloads across backend Linodes. According to the company, which concentrates its efforts on Linux-based virtual servers, "We’re pleased to announce the official release of Linode CLI – a simple, yet powerful and easy-to-use tool to manage and provision Linode cloud services from the command line.

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Red Hat Ups Its Virtualization and Cloud Game

Red Hat introduced its latest OpenStack-based cloud service and its new virtualization program.

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