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Two Tech Pundits Predict Big Changes Coming in the Cloud

 According to Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth and Frank Baitman, the CIO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the cloud industry is heading straight for some big sea changes. This week, Shuttleworth told The Wall Street Journal that some countries may soon offer cloud vendors privileged status enabling them to guarantee data privacy to customers. Meanwhile, Baitman is reportedly convinced that the cloud industry is in dire need of standardization. I've written before on the topic of cloud industry consolidation, and, for example, suggested that there will be far fewer vendors offering OpenStack services in just a few years. Baitman was at...

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The Man Who Would Build a Computer the Size of the Entire Internet

Inside the massive data centers that drive things like Google Search and Gmail and Google Maps, you’ll find tens of thousands of machines — each small enough to hold in your arms — but thanks to anew breed of software that spans this sea of servers, the entire data center operates like a single system, one giant computer that runs any application the company throws at it.

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Red Hat To Oracle: Have You Tried Free?

Oracle probably isn't the first company that comes to mind when words like "austerity" are used. Perhaps for that very reason Oracle president Mark Hurd recently took to the blog-o-sphere to argue that going all-in with Oracle, even at a premium price, delivers better value. Ironically, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst used the same LinkedIn blog platform just a few days earlier to argue a very different picture of what customer value looks like. Hint: It looks a lot like "free." 

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Do You Have a Cloud Exit Strategy? Here’s One Clear Path.

The federal government’s march to the cloud has, at times, seemed more like a cautious ballet than anything else. While cloud-based projects are slowly rolling out, much of the agency emphasis is on private or community clouds as opposed to public providers. Security and data handling concerns play a role...

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4 Ways IT Can Rise Above Outside Cloud Competitors

Increasingly, IT departments are competing directly against outside cloud providers for their organizations' business. How can they offer far greater value than a monthly subscription plan?

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