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IBM Will Minimize Impact of Future Disasters

Not even Mighty Big Blue can stop a hurricane. But. IBM and Marist College are testing a new cloud computing innovation that could help prevent disruptions in voice and data communications services caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. more>>...

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Google Ups The Ante Against Amazon's Cloud, And That's A Good Thing For Business

Google has finally opened up its new cloud-computing service to business and individual customers everywhere—which looks to be great news for them, and potentially real trouble for current cloud leader Amazon. In much the same way that Microsoft long ago became the de facto standard for PC software at the expense of IBM, Google is angling to upend the market for cloud computing by making it widely available, easy to use and inexpensive. 

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Red Hat is OpenShifting Into the Cloud

Best known for its Linux distribution, Red Hat's introduction of OpenShift Enterprise 2 shows that the open-source giant has its eyes on the cloud.

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Are Cloud Operating Systems the Next Big Thing?

Xen Project community manager Lars Kurth weighs the benefits of cloud operating systems such as OSv, discusses whether cloud OSes are bad for Linux and security, and previews the upcoming MirageOS.

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Google Cloud Compute Engine Is Now Officially Live

Although it has been in test mode for a year and already serves well-known players including Red Hat and Snapchat, Google has now officially rolled out its IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) Google Compute Engine (GCE) as a commercial service that will compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other platforms. 

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