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oVirt 3.3 Can Better Compete With VMware vSphere

OVirt 3.3 was released today as an open-source KVM virtualization management application targeting data centers as an open-source alternative to VMware's proprietary vSphere product. The oVirt 3.3 release pulls in many new features...

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An Innovative Data Center Offers to Heat Up Paris Homes

What do crash test simulations, medical vaccines, and Pixar all have in common? They could all be heating your home in the future. A French company called Qarnot Computing is channeling computing power and using its byproduct to warm Parisian homes during the inevitably cold winter.

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Installing Rackspace's OpenStack Private Cloud In 20 Minutes Or Less

Being an application developer with a very limited attention span, my test of any new technology or product is how quickly can I write my “Hello World” application. The Rackspace Private Cloud, which is based on OpenStack, is intended for a full-fledged data center with a number of compute, storage and network requirements, but I was still hoping to install it in just a few minutes.

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CPUsage Makes It Easier To Harness The Cloud’s Compute Power

The cloud computing services from Amazon, Microsoft and others make it possible for businesses to access a virtually unlimited amount of compute power for their applications. What’s hard, however, is to orchestrate all of the distributed infrastructure, provision the right instances and to maintain these setups.

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Two Tech Pundits Predict Big Changes Coming in the Cloud

 According to Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth and Frank Baitman, the CIO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the cloud industry is heading straight for some big sea changes. This week, Shuttleworth told The Wall Street Journal that some countries may soon offer cloud vendors privileged status enabling them to guarantee data privacy to customers. Meanwhile, Baitman is reportedly convinced that the cloud industry is in dire need of standardization. I've written before on the topic of cloud industry consolidation, and, for example, suggested that there will be far fewer vendors offering OpenStack services in just a few years. Baitman was at...

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