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Today's Web Architectures Call For Private Networking

As more developers turn to a microservices architecture for building web-scale applications, data centers must evolve to meet new networking requirements.

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Project Calico: Open Source, High-Scale Network Fabric For The Cloud

Cloud developers and operators are facing a challenge: Much of the IT toolkit that has worked well for "silo" architectures and well enough for virtual machine environments isn't a good match for apps made using containers...

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OpenStack Was Key To Building Servers.Com

When XBT Holding S.A. decided to simplify how its subsidiaries provided global hosting, network solutions, and web development they turned to the open source cloud infrastructure platform OpenStack.  

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VMware Wants To Create The Software-Defined Data Center: Now

VMware wants to lead you from your data-center to a cloud-based future where the data-center is based more on software than hardware.

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How to Jump From Cloud to Cloud

In 2010, when Netflix was still early into its shift from DVD rentals to online movies and shows, it started using’s data centers.

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