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What's Behind the Hybrid Cloud Hype?

Hybrid cloud technology is garnering much attention of late -- whether for cutting-edge development and the continuous integration and release processes achieved through devops, or for traditional enterprise-proven approaches to infrastructure and applications. There's more to hybrid clouds than hype. The ability to manage different infrastructures and applications across a...

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IBM Divulges Private Cloud Progress in an Infographic

IBM eats its own dogfood, reports significant cost savings and more customer interactions with private cloud.

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Oracle Report Examines Impact of Bad Cloud Deployments on Business Results

Oracle's latest survey attempts to reveal "the good, the bad, and the ugly" sides of the cloud for business managers.

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Why I'm Ready to Ditch my Dedicated Server and Move to the Cloud

Servers are big boxes of stuff just waiting to break. Over the weekend I got to play network administrator, and the experience has convinced me it's time to get rid of my dedicated server and move everything to hosted services.

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Rackspace: Can it Compete with Amazon Web Services?

Rackspace's first quarter growth wasn't up to expectations. The company could be facing an AWS squeeze with enterprises and developers.

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