Accessing Windows Files From a Linux Server Using Samba

If you're just adding a Linux server to a Windows network, you will be surprised to know that networking and file-sharing between the Linux server and the Windows network will work out-of-the-box. This is through the wonderful Samba suite of tools
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A Comparison of IRC Daemons/Servers For Linux

If you run a website or are part of a large community, you'll have wished that there was some way by which you could interact live with all the members. Forums are slow and messengers are 1-to-1. In this article, we look at Internet Relay Chat...
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Managing Network Connections in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions available. This ease of use trickles down from the installation all the way through to the new user experience. It was created to bring Linux into a world where everyone could enjoy a PC experience free of frustration.

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Configure Networking with openSUSE and KDE 4

If you have ever had to configure a network connection you know that, depending upon the operating system, this can be rather difficult. With older Windows operating systems it often required finding drivers, multiple reboots, etc. With older Linux operating systems it meant editing configuration files by hand. Either way was a long, challenging road for such a simple task.

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Configuring Your Network Settings in Mandriva 2009

Configuring a network in Linux used to be a task left for administrators, gurus, and to-the-core nerds. It required editing configuration files such as those found in /etc/sysconfig/network/ or /etc/network. Most new users wouldn't have known what to do with those files, let alone where they were located (and what they did.)

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