How to Receive a Million Packets Per Second on Linux

CloudFlare: On Linux, how hard is it to write a program that receives 1 million UDP packets per second? Hopefully, answering this question will be a good lesson about the design of a modern networking stack.

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How OPNFV and ETSI NFV are Advancing NFV Adoption

ETSI was the birthplace of the NFV concept in 2012, and OPNFV was launched just two years later with many of the same members to help bring NFV from specs to reality using open source methodologies. Marc Cohn, who is an active participant in many open communities including OPNFV, OpenDaylight and the Open Networking Foundation, recently published an article for SDxCentral about how OPNFV and...

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How Orange is Using OpenDaylight

We at Orange have a long history of participating and contributing to open source communities and have been a leading supporter of open standards. 

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Open-Source NFV Group Launches First Software Release

The OPNFV's "Arno" release will give developers, vendors and users a framework for testing NFV deployments and networking applications, officials say.

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How Telecoms Can Escape Vendor Lock-in With Open Source NFV

The problem: As mobile devices continue to proliferate, the Internet of Things keeps growing immensely, and more users and new data are pushed across telecom networks every day, network operators must invest in expanded facilities. The revenue from mobile applications is tied to number of devices/consumers not amount of data...

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