What Makes an Open Source Project Successful?

How can you predict if an open source project is going to be successful? This is a question I’ve thought a lot about. I’ll be honest I’ve made the mistake of underestimating the potential of an open source project a few times in my career. I certainly remember a number of conversations while at VMware when the group all came to the conclusion that OpenStack would never get any traction. How silly do I feel now? But that begs the question: how could I have known? 

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OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Kyle Mestery

This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of SDN and NFV. Kyle is a Principal Engineer and Chief OpenStack Architect in the Office of the Cloud CTO at Cisco. He works primarily on open source projects including OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OpenDaylight and libvirt. 

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OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Madhu Venugopal

Madhu Venugopal is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc. He is currently involved in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization solutions in the Office of the CTO at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, he worked for Cisco Systems for more than a decade.

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NetworkManager Gets A New Text Interface

While NetworkManager already has great integration with the GNOME and KDE desktops and there are command-line interfaces to this open-source network management program, there's now a new curses-based interface...

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Open Router Project Launched to Improve Network Privacy

But could the push back against the NSA's comprehensive surveillance with new privacy-enhancing technology be jeopardised by community reluctance for large-scale collaboration?

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