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Inline Data Support Comes To CephFS With Linux 3.19

The Ceph file-system in Linux 3.19 will support inline data to offer performance improvements for some operations...

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SQL, NoSQL? What's the Difference These Days?

SQL databases with in-memory column stores, NoSQL with query languages; it looks like the two schools of database design have begun to merge.

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SUSE Invests in Software-Defined Storage

SUSE, the enterprise Linux company, is working on its own storage solution using open-source Ceph: SUSE Storage.

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Software Defined Storage Market Poised for Growth

High-level skill sets needed to manage complex storage, followed closely by the complexity itself, were noted as top challenges to businesses.

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Ceph-Starter SUSE to Enter Software-Defined Storage Market

 Linux vendor Suse has kicked off this year's SuseCon in Orlando, Florida by announcing that it's getting into the software-defined storage business, starting early next year.…...

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