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Facebook is Aiming to Overcome Cisco and Juniper with Open Source Networking

Open Electronics: Facebook recently released as an open source project its design for a networking device that it says will coordinates the actions of hundreds of thousands of servers in Facebook’s data centers. The target are the bigs like Cisco and Juniper but, respect to those ones, FB has some secret weapons...

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Twitter’s Aurora and How it Relates to Google’s Borg (Part 1)

The New Stack: Twitter is building a service automation platform called Aurora. It isn’t done; its current version number is 0.7. It is a job control system of sorts, but rather than controlling the server that runs the job — as operating systems used to do back when they were in command of the data center — it controls the job that indentures the servers.

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Making MapR’s Data Centric Platform More Elastic with Mesos and Yarn

The New Stack: MapR has a new release today that provides some perspectives on the influences that are shaping new data centric architectures. 

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Inspired by Linux, Pivotal to Open-Source Bulk of Big Data Suite

 Pivotal will make the majority of its big data suite open source, drawing inspiration from the Linux concept.…...

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Red Hat Takes Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to the Next Level

Red Hat remains very focused on advancing its OpenStack-focused cloud business initiatives. 

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