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Using Hiera with Puppet

With Hiera, you can externalize your systems' configuration data and easily understand how those values are assigned to your servers. With that data separated from your Puppet code, you then can encrypt sensitive values, such as passwords and keys. more>>...

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How to Become a Valued OpenStack Contributor

Adrian Otto is project team lead for OpenStack projects Magnum and Solum. Otto founded the OpenStack Containers team in 2014, and is a Principal Architect at Rackspace. He is a serial entrepeneur, with 20 years of experience in technology leadership roles, and gets excited about evolving new technology to shape...

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Linux Foundation Updates SPDX Compliance Effort

The Software Package Data Exchange specification gets updated to help track and share license information in the Internet of things era.

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Google Moves Its Corporate Applications to the Internet

Wall Street Journal: The Internet giant is flipping common corporate security practice on its head, shifting away from the idea of a trusted internal corporate network secured by perimeter devices such as firewalls, in favor of a model where corporate data can be accessed from anywhere with the right device and user credentials.

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11-Year-Old Bug in Virtual Floppy Drive Code Allows Escape from Virtual Machines

Popular virtualization platforms relying on the virtual Floppy Disk Controller code from QEMU (Quick Emulator) are susceptible to a vulnerability that allows executing code outside the guest machine. Among the affected platforms are Xen, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and the native QEMU client, which are used by various cloud computing...

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