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Is Open Source Driven Forward By Pragmatists or Purists?

Jason Perlow has a very interesting column on open source up on ZDNet, with the compelling title "Why I'm Smarter Than an Open Source Surrender Monkey." The "surrender" in the title, and the column itself, come in response to Bruce Byfield's Datamation column, "Tech Pundits Surrender: The Retreat from Free Software and Open Standards."

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Cloud Computing and the Democratization of Enterprise Tech Usage

There is no question that cloud computing is rewriting standard approaches to technology infrastructure, but not everyone steps back and considers how dramatically that is happening from the perspective of IT administrators.

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Fresh PuTTY

After more than four years, PuTTY developer Simon Tatham has released version 0.61 of his cross-platform, open source Telnet and SSH client, adding support for Windows 7 and SSH-2 authentication...

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KDE SC 4.7 Approaches with RC2 Release

The KDE development team has issued a second and final release candidate for version 4.7 of the KDE Software Compilation. The developers ask users to test the release and report any bugs they find so that they can be fixed before the final release later this month...

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Final Sabayon Linux 6 Spins Released

The Sabayon Linux development team has released three new spins of its Linux distribution featuring the lightweight Enlightenment 17 (E17), LXDE and Xfce desktops - the developers note that these will be the final spins of Sabayon Linux 6...

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