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Adobe Brings Back 64-Bit Flash for Linux

Flash Player 11 has gone into beta, and among features such as the new Stage3D GPU accelerated graphics, is support for 64-bit Linux...

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Hurd Progresses - Debian GNU/Hurd by end of 2012?

When Debian 7.0 releases, a Wheezy GNU/Hurd could be included if things go as planned...

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New Book from Creative Commons Celebrates the Power of Open

By the end of 2010, more than 400 million works had been licensed with Creative Commons licenses.

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Teaching Open Source in South Africa: Part I

Africa is the world's second-least developed continent--after Antarctica. If you look at a world map of computer science and open source contributions, you will be struck by the blank canvas that is Africa. We are quite isolated over here and don't really have the habit of open source participation.

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Is Open Source Driven Forward By Pragmatists or Purists?

Jason Perlow has a very interesting column on open source up on ZDNet, with the compelling title "Why I'm Smarter Than an Open Source Surrender Monkey." The "surrender" in the title, and the column itself, come in response to Bruce Byfield's Datamation column, "Tech Pundits Surrender: The Retreat from Free Software and Open Standards."

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