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News: Will Project Harmony Bring Harmony to Linux?

Contributor agreement effort hits a major milestone, as Mono is reborn in Xamarin and PuTTY gets updated.

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Intel Sponsors GNOME and KDE 2011 Desktop Summit

This year's Desktop Summit will take place over the course of a week in Berlin from 6 to 12 August. Its sponsors include Intel (Platinium), Colabora and SUSE (Gold), each of which paid between €20,000 to €45,000...

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I.B.M. Reports Strong Second-Quarter Earnings

Bolstered by its old-line computer hardware business, as well as growth in software and services, the technology giant reported an 8 percent increase in net income.

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TameJs: A JavaScript Extension for Making Event Programming Easier

TameJs is an extension to JavaScript created by the OK Cupid team. Its purpose is to make event programming "easier to write, read, and edit." It can be used with Node.js or other V8 projects.

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Bilski's Growing Up, and Smacking Down Some Bad Software Patents

When the Supreme Court declined to speak to software patenting in the Bilski case, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth in the open source software world. The new Bilski test for patentable subject matter looked at first like the status quo for software patentability. But, being the sort of...

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