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Apache Traffic Server 3.0.0 Goes 64 bit

New release sees a major boost in handling small objects at over 200,000 requests per second in benchmarks. Traffic Server also builds on Mac OS X, Solaris and FreeBSD now...

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ActiveState Acquires Phenona

Phenona's 15-year-old founder to join ActiveState's team part-time.

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Red Hat and Santos Offer Up Case Study on Linux Cost Savings

A funny thing happened to Red Hat--the poweful purveyor of support and services surrounding Linux--over the past couple of years as large open source-focused companies such as Novell and Sun Microsystems became acquisition targets for big software companies: It became the only viable, U.S. publicly traded company focused on open source.

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Mozilla Aims to Reduce Firefox Memory Use

From the blogs: New MemShrink effort may finally help to solve memory bloat issue in Firefox.

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The New C++: Lay Down Your Guns, Knives, and Clubs

"The world is built on C++," Herb Sutter tells The Reg. Considering he's one of the language's chief stewards, we question his impartiality. But he does have a point.…...

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