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Green Column: Data Centers Look for Lower-Emission Cooling

As data centers grow more creative in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, Google is locating a new facility near the Gulf of Finland so it can use seawater.

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GNOME 3.1.2 Released

For those interested in running some new development software this weekend, the GNOME 3.1.2 development snapshot has been released...

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Mozilla Eyes Multi-Threaded Webpage Rendering

Mozilla is exploring ways of building a multi-threaded browser DOM, so that a single web page can be rendered using multiple processor cores.…...

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Hole Found in Firefox 4 WebGL Implementation

Researchers extract screenshots from previously used graphics memory using a flaw in Firefox 4's WebGL implementation. The hole is closed in the forthcoming Firefox 5. Users can disable WebGL now...

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Google Hardens Chrome 13 and 14

After enhancing security in Chrome 13, Google is now experimenting with blocking mixed HTTPS/HTTP scripting and with supporting DNSSEC validation of HTTPS in Chrome 14...

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