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Improve Linux System Efficiency with Control Groups

Control groups, or cgroups, is a kernel feature designed to aggregate tasks to allow for hierarchical resource management and allocation. While control groups have been in the Linux kernel for a few years, their implementation in CentOS appears for the first time in the recently released version 6. Here’s how you can take advantage of control groups to improve your systems’ efficiency. In cgroups terminology, every system resource – CPU, memory, disk input/output, bandwidth – is called a subsystem or resource controller.

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Pushing the 3D Boundaries in WebKit with CSS 3D and Three.js

Sometimes, you need to see what a technology can do before you can fully appreciate it. Take, for instance, CSS 3D and Three.js. It's one thing to hear about doing 3D elements for Web sites, and another to see them integrated into a well-designed site. Take, for example, Steven Wittens' redesign.

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Important Fixes for Apache Tomcat Released

Investigations into the hash collision DoS problem revealed an unrelated DoS vulnerability in how Tomcat handled large numbers of parameters; this is fixed in new versions of Tomcat 7, 6 and 5.5...

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‘Open Science’ Challenges Journal Tradition With Web Collaboration

Many scientists want to open up an age-old system of submitting private research to commercial journals that they say is hidebound, expensive and elitist.

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Are Your Linux Skills Right for HPC Jobs?

Do you have what it takes for that Linux job with an HPC vendor you've got your eye on? Brent Welch, the director of software architecture at Panasas, talks about the role Linux plays in HPC at Panasas and the in-demand technical skills supercomputing suppliers need from job applicants.

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