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Building the Team that Built Watson

David Ferrucci has a guest column today in The New York Times in which he describes how the scientists who built Watson used collaboration to achieve their goal...

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Hackers Steal Source Code for Old Symantec Enterprise Products

The antivirus vendor has confirmed that the hacked source code was for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2, two older, outdated products geared for the business market.

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Hungary: Open Standards for Documents

Starting in April, Hungarian public authorities may only provide documents in open standards-based document formats and must be able to accept and process documents that are formatted this way...

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NASA Launches Open Source Web Site

At, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration plans to bring together its open source activities and create a discussion forum...

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A Manifesto for Efficient IT Infrastructure Management

If you are using a spreadsheet to track your data center equipment inventory, then take a moment and read this post. You might want to consider using something else that can actually track your assets. From where I sit, many IT managers grossly underestimate the efforts in this process. Imagine your staff is ordering equipment for your data center and it's going right to the storeroom, not just without being deployed, but also without being inventoried. Then it sits there, depreciating in value and collecting dust. This is just one of the horror stories I've heard in the field. For the company this was happening to it was ultimately discovered that, in just a six week period, it had accumulated more than $700,000 in depreciation costs for assets that were not being used. Sponsor The key thing to remember is managing is different than documenting. Documenting is gathering the data, and if the vehicle for this documentation is spreadsheets that is often where the process stops (if it happened at all). In my experience, even with great spreadsheet records, each time there is a change planned to the data center a comparison of the real infrastructure and the infrastructure records is made, just to be "sure" - that is hardly management! Case in point: one company I spoke with had a smaller data center of about 80 racks. They were keeping records in an MS Access database and were convinced the records were accurate. They were more diligent than most, running monthly checks to ensure the data was correct. However, the checks were being done based on paper printouts of...

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