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Legal Threats Against MPlayer, Server To Disappear

While legal threats to free software projects would be disastrous (if successful) to those seeking to destroy Linux and open-source work, there's sure been lots of in-fighting as of late that's proving to be quite damaging for many distinguished projects. to LibreOffice or KOffice to Caligra Office Suite may...

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Specification 5.0 Announced for Carrier Grade Linux

At this year's Collaboration Summit, the Linux Foundation announced the availability of Carrier Grade Linux Version 5.0 specification (CGL 5.0), in which emphasis is placed on high-end data reliability and security...

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Improving the Speed and Quality of Research Via Shared Algorithm Implementations

The dissemination of ideas throughout a research field is absolutely critical. For example, recent algorithms have become quite complex and ideas are tightly coupled to their implementations. The ability to share and obtain these implementations quickly is crucial to the future success of many fields. My message is easily summarized...

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Linux Foundation Announces Yocto Project Release 1.0, Launches Steering Committee

At this year's Collaboration Summit, the Linux Foundation announced the availability of the Yocto Project Release 1.0, the first major release of common embedded linux tools, and launched the Yocto Project Steering Group...

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Inside the Linux Kernel

One of the highlights of the Linux Foundation Collab Summit's program on Wednesday was the panel of kernel developers discussing issues of kernel development and fielding audience questions. Though fairly unstructured, the panel provided an engaging peek into the world of the kernel for those of us who aren't involved in day to day development.

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