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Chrome Increasingly Looks Like the Browser to Beat

Net Applications is out with its latest data on browser usage, and the big story remains Google Chrome. Google's browser gained market share in November, jumping to 9.27 percent of the browser market, up from 8.5 percent. Meanwhile, Microsoft Internet Explorer share fell to 58.41 percent share from 59.18, after a steady string of market share losses. Mozilla's Firefox browser stayed pretty steady in share terms for the month of November, at 22.81 percent, after holding 22.83 percent share in October. It remains clear that open source browsers are leading the innovation curve. It's hard to miss the fact, though, that Google Chrome is the browser that keeps consistently grabbing share. While Mozilla is working away on a final version of Firefox 4 that holds promise, it's still true that Firefox market share has remained constant or dropped slightly during most of...

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Corporate IT Needs to Embrace the Spirit of Open Source

So, does your company do open source? Really? I'm not talking about using open source. I'm asking if your company takes open source philosophy to heart by walking the walk. I doubt there's any decent- sized company that doesn't use open source. But how many do open source in a...

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Open-Xchange Integrated into Plesk

The new “4PSA OXtender for Plesk”software connector allows hosting providers to integrate Open Xchange's email and groupware solution into the Plesk Panel as a replacement for Plesk's-webmailer...

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WordPress 3.0.2 Security Update Released

The WordPress development team has released version 3.0.2 of their popular open source blogging and publishing platform, a maintenance and security update for the 3.0.x branch of WordPress...

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Has Linux Reached the End of the Line?

Fans of FOSS are already all too accustomed to the many barbs and insults Microsoft tends to sling at any free competitor, but one of the latest was so mystifying as to leave many Linux bloggers scratching their heads.

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