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The GNOME 3.0 Shell Is Advancing Too

Last night an update was published as to the state of Unity in Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1, which is the Unity desktop interface that Canonical will be using in their next Ubuntu release rather than the GNOME Shell. Most all other GNOME distributions, however, will be using the GNOME Shell...

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Leveraging Linux for Supercomputing

High-performance computing applications such as numerical simulation -- whether for forecasting, mechanical and structure simulation, or computational chemistry -- require a large number of CPUs for processing. To meet these needs, customers must buy a large-scale system that enables parallel processing so that the simulation can be completed in the...

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RubyMine Places Focus on Rails 3

JetBrains is promoting version 3.0 of its Ruby development environment RubyMine as the first IDE to support the latest version of Rails...

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The Savannah front page currently reads: "There's been a SQL injection leading to leaking of encrypted account passwords, some of them discovered by brute-force attack, leading in turn to project membership access." The site is being restored to its state as of November 23; changes committed after that date will need...

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PyPy 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of the PyPy Python compiler is available. "This is a major breakthrough in our long journey, as PyPy 1.4 is the first PyPy release that can translate itself faster than CPython. Starting today, we are using PyPy more for our every-day development. So may you." LWN looked at...

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