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Longterm Kernel

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of due to a build problem with "It only contains one patch, a revert of a patch that broke the build on a number of systems and should have never been included in the .32 tree. This was my fault, I had...

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KDE Developers are Sticking to Qt

In order to reassure users concerned about the threat to Qt from Nokia moving over to Windows Mobile, KDE board president, Cornelius Schumacher, has written a blog post declaring that KDE development will continue on the basis of Qt...

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A Restart for RandR 1.4

Having pulled it from X.Org Server 1.10 at the last moment, the developers are taking another look at RandR 1.4, the X resize, rotate and reflect extension...

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Upstart 1.0 Released

Upstart 1.0, the event-based replacement for the traditional init daemon, claims to deliver the stability expected by end users...

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Wireshark Updates Close Critical Vulnerabilities

The Wireshark development team has released versions 1.2.15 and 1.4.4 of its open source, cross-platform network protocol analyser, maintenance updates address two highly critical security vulnerabilities...

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