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Has Linux Reached the End of the Line?

Fans of FOSS are already all too accustomed to the many barbs and insults Microsoft tends to sling at any free competitor, but one of the latest was so mystifying as to leave many Linux bloggers scratching their heads.

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Revenue Growth for Server Hardware Strongest in a Decade: IDC

The latest IDC figures show a third consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth in server revenue. Who made IDC's top five list?

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How to Buy a Computer Preloaded With Ubuntu

If you've ever paid attention to the market share statistics for desktop operating systems you probably know that Linux is most frequently pegged at about one percent.

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Red Hat Expands Cloud Push, Buys Makara

The cloud tools vendor will help Red Hat fill out its Platform as a Service (PaaS) strategy.

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Mobile Developers Boost Linux Kernel Team

The Linux Foundation's annual report on who writes the Linux kernel shows growing interest from the mobile handset industry.

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