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RubyMine Places Focus on Rails 3

JetBrains is promoting version 3.0 of its Ruby development environment RubyMine as the first IDE to support the latest version of Rails...

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The Savannah front page currently reads: "There's been a SQL injection leading to leaking of encrypted account passwords, some of them discovered by brute-force attack, leading in turn to project membership access." The site is being restored to its state as of November 23; changes committed after that date will need...

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PyPy 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of the PyPy Python compiler is available. "This is a major breakthrough in our long journey, as PyPy 1.4 is the first PyPy release that can translate itself faster than CPython. Starting today, we are using PyPy more for our every-day development. So may you." LWN looked at...

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Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Makes like Space Shuttle

It looks like astronaut and tech magnate Mark Shuttleworth's investment in the Ubuntu commercial Linux distribution is about to pay off. Ubuntu is taking off like a rocket, and the sale of Novell to Attachmate plus the higher prices Red Hat is charging for its Enterprise...

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Unix Copyrights to Stay with Novell in Merger

Novell says it will retain the copyrights to Unix, which the company fought hard to keep over the greater part of the decade. Though the question of how that plays into the Attachmate acquisition is still up in the air.

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