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VMware Debuts Horizon App Manager

Running enterprise applications on cloud infrastructure is one thing, getting those applications to integrate with enterprise identity and authentication systems is quite another.

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New SUSE chief: openSUSE is Very Prominent in My Thinking

Nils Brauckmann is confirmed as SUSE's new president as the Attachmate business unit sets up in Nuremberg. The H asked about his thoughts on openSUSE...

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For FOSS Firms, Data Means Dollars

"Data" -- it's the new buzzword in the open source world, according to Tuesday's keynote speakers at the Open Source Business Conference, being held in San Francisco. "The kind of data we're collecting today is way harder to store and process than it used to be," said Mike Olson, president...

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Open Source Perl 5.14 Expands IPv6

New release of open source development language gets a performance boost.

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GRUB 1.99 Enables Booting from Btrfs and ZFS Partitions

Users can now completely switch their system to Btrfs and need no longer provide the Ext boot partition previously required for system start-up...

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