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Unix Copyrights to Stay with Novell in Merger

Novell says it will retain the copyrights to Unix, which the company fought hard to keep over the greater part of the decade. Though the question of how that plays into the Attachmate acquisition is still up in the air.

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Attachmate: Novell's openSUSE Project is Safe

Following the announcement that it would acquire Novell, the Attachmate Corporation has confirmed that, if the acquisition closes successfully, the openSUSE Project will continue to operate as it always has in the past...

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Google Wave to Become Apache project

According to a proposal submitted by Google, Novell employees and several independent developers, some of the code base of Google's existing communication platform is to be migrated to the Apache Software Foundation...

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Observation: Cloud Computing is Nothing New

Cloud computing is not only the latest buzz term, it might well be the model of computing that powers the 21st century. However, it’s easy to forget that personal computing, in which each user has a standalone system that can operate without a network, is itself a relatively new approach.

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OpenStreetMap Founder Joins Microsoft's Bing Maps Team

OpenStreetMap project founder Steve Coast has announced that he has joined Microsoft to work on its Bing Maps team as a Principal Architect at Bing Mobile...

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