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Microsoft's Fear of an OpenOffice

Perhaps Microsoft's failure to meaningfully penetrate new markets like search has it scrambling to defend old turf like Office, but something is awry in the company's latest salvo against OpenOffice.…...

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Installing ISPCP On Ubuntu Lucid x86_64 And Implementing Chroot Per Virtual Host In Apache2

This guide explains how to install ISPCP on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) x86_64 and how to chroot virtual hosts in Apache2.

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Open Source Cloud Project Development Jumps 70 Percent

Black Duck Software, a company that helps businesses automate the management of enterprise-level open source software, released the results of a recent study revealing a sharp rise in the number of open source applications for cloud computing. The number of projects under development associated with cloud computing jumped a whopping 70 percent from 2008 to 2009. To find out more about what these numbers mean, I checked in with Peter Vescuso, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. Nearly 400 projects in Black Duck's knowledge base are aimed at managing and storing data in the cloud, scaling private and public clouds or provide support integration with...

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Ubuntu 10.10 Cozies Up to Android, iPhone and the Cloud

The October 2010 release of Ubuntu Linux brings the usual slate of free and open source software updates, alongside unique new capabilities around cloud services integration. The distribution's UbuntuOne personal cloud service adds interoperability with Android and iOS-based mobile devices, as well as new support for Windows. What's more, Ubuntu...

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Set Sights for Windows: Linux Moving Beyond Unix Migration in the Enterprise

For years, Linux has enjoyed much of its success as a replacement for Unix. Companies turned to Linux to replace Unix servers, or for new deployments within a Unix-heavy environment. Linux is still king there, but it's starting to encroach on Microsoft as well.

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