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Too Hot in the Machine Room? Try Chef.

If you manage a system, you need Chef. Here are some of the best Chef resources and cookbooks on Github.
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Red Hat's Virtualization Plan Enters Next Phase

New open source-powered commercial product is set to roll out -- but for now, it's only for an invited few.
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Branding: Even For Linux and FOSS, It's Everything

The trouble with the present FOSS brand is that it is not created by those with a stake in it; rather, it is created and controlled by those who oppose FOSS and all that it stands for.

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The Zen of Community

The basic premise is simple, if a bit counter-intuitive: how do you create a successful online community? You create one by not trying to create it or, to be more specific, you take care of basic fundamental elements necessary for an online community's success, and the rest takes care of itself. The corollary might sound equally absurd--by trying to create a successful online community, the very ambition detracts from and possibly ruins your chances of actually doing it.

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The GigaOM Interview: Kristof Kloeckner, CTO of IBM Cloud Computing

IBM’s first true cloud computing products, announced today, consists of workload-specific clouds that can be run by an enterprise on special-purpose IBM gear
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