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Nvidia Eyes Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics With Souped up Tesla GPU

The Tesla K80 dual-GPU crams in twice as many flops and double the memory bandwidth of its predecessor, the Tesla K40 GPU accelerator.

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Access all Open Hardware Summit 2014 Videos!

Open Electronics: Just one month after the Open Hardware Summit in Rome, all the videos are now available for you to see. 

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Is the Post-PC PC a Mac?

PC sales are declining - despite the end-of-XP support bump - while Mac sales were up 18 percent in Q2 and 21 percent in Q3 of 2014. Why isn't the Mac declining along with Windows PCs?

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Intel Paying Up After Allegedly 'Manipulating' Benchmarks 15 Years Ago

Once upon a time, Intel's processors didn't dominate AMD. In fact, AMD's Athalon processors were mighty competitive, enough so that Intel allegedly "manipulated" its Pentium 4 benchmark scores in the early 2000s to mask the performance gap. Intel denies those claims, but nevertheless, you're probably feeling pretty taken advantage of...

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With Sprout, HP Bets on Remaking the PC as a 3D Maker Tool

Hewlett Packard wants to infuse life into PCs with a new kind of machine that uses a built-in projector for surface-enabled touch and 3D scanning. Will makers and creatives get on board?

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