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Setting Up a Linux Home Server

Many homes today want to share data between multiple computers and people without the hassle of USB drives, CDs and DVDs.
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IBM Offers Solid-State Drives On Power Systems

The approach is recognition that companies using SSDs in the data center are also likely to use traditional drives, which are considerably less expensive.
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Plugging Away: DIY File Server Using Samba

"That sounds like something I could have used in my office," Dad exclaimed.

I had just described mating a Plug Computer with a 500 GB Western Digital USB external disk and putting in on my LAN. Servers and support were difficult, back in the days when Dad had his small business. We've certainly come a long way.

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New Revision C of Beagle Board Released

An updated Beagle Board doubles the memory of the diminutive yet powerful, GPL'd, ARM based board...
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Plugging Ahead: DIY Basic Apache/PHP Web Server

I've been working with the Arduino micro-controller for a couple of years and have been seeking an inexpensive, compact solution for connecting it to my network.

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