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NVIDIA 346.72 Linux Driver Brings Few Fixes

NVIDIA announced the release yesterday of the 346.72 driver, which is their latest binary Linux update in the long-lived 346 branch...

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Dell Vostro Notebooks Bring Broadwell Power for $349 and Up

Dell has been coming back to life in the last few weeks. The company finally pushed the long promised Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for its Venue 8 7840 tablet, and today it is releasing a bunch of new laptops. They are called Vostro 14 and Vostro 15 and are targeted...

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USB Support For Wine Is Being Discussed Again

Per the latest World Wine News (WWN), USB support for Wine is being discussed yet again but as of right now it's not clear if any new work will materialize as a result of the latest discussions...

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System76 Meerkat: The Perfect Mini PC for Multimedia or Desktop

Seeing the miniscule Meerkat gave me reason to doubt that such a small machine could even remotely live up to what I’ve grown accustomed to using. Boy was I wrong. 

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More Serious Security Flaws Found in Lenovo Computers

The computer maker issued a patch to prevent hackers exploiting an update app.

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OpenGL 4.1 Extension Implemented For Intel Mesa Sandy Bridge

In January of 2014 there was ARB_viewport_array added to the Intel Mesa driver, an extension needed for OpenGL 4.1 compliance, but at the time it was only enabled for Ivy Bridge graphics hardware and newer. Intel has now extended that support back to Sandy Bridge...

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