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Why Arguing That Windows is Better Than Linux Makes You Look Silly

Bryan-LundukeIt seems as though you can't throw a rock on the internet without hitting an article which argues for the superiority of Windows over Linux. With titles like “Five reasons I'd rather run Windows 8 than Linux”, these articles are a dime a dozen.

Truth be told, I've written my fair share of “Why X is better than Y” articles over the years (almost always arguing in favor of the superiority of Linux-based systems). They're fun to write. They're easy to write. And, perhaps most important, they're somewhat cathartic to write. Have a hard week where you've been forced to use a platform you don't particularly like? Write an article about how it's worse than one you do like. It's good for the soul.

Are these sorts of articles a wee bit pointless? Sure. It's really just preaching to the choir, so to speak. But they're fun to read. They're almost like the tech-nerd equivalent of a gossip rag. I read 'em. You read 'em. We all read 'em (even if we pretend like we don't). But I have noticed something rather interesting about these sorts of articles...

Every article I have read, in recent memory, arguing that “Windows is better than Linux” makes the author sound a little bit, for lack of a better word, like a big giant goober. A raging, loopy goober. The points that writers of these articles use to back up their hypotheses tend to be just plain silly and poorly thought out. They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for any possible evidence – no matter how ridiculous – to prove the superiority of Windows over Linux.

[“Hey, Bryan! I've got an idea. Why don't you try insulting a bunch of talented technology journalists, some of whom are your friends, by calling them 'raging, loopy goobers'?” Great idea, personage I just created for the sole purpose of asking myself a hypothetical question. Consider it done!]

Here. Let me show you what I'm talking about. What follows is the very first reason given, for why Windows is superior, in a recent ZDNet article by David Gewirtz:

1. “Reason #1: As soon as you mention one distro, all the fanboys go insane claiming you've made the wrong choice.”

You didn't just hallucinate.

The #1 reason to not use Linux, stated by a technology writer for both ZDNet and CNN, is that other people use Linux also. Some of those people have opinions. And you, with your obvious inability to exist within a universe with other people in it, will simply collapse into a fetal position and give up using computers altogether.

Bottom of the barrel reasoning. Heck. Not even in the barrel. In a box next to the barrel with the words “just some fish or something” scribbled on the top with a sharpie. But let's jump past that relatively catastrophic level of goobery-ness and tackle some of the more reasonable (at first glance) points that are made in many of these sorts of articles.

2. “Windows has more software.”

One of the common mantras in making the case against Linux, particularly on the Desktop, is that Windows simply has more software available than Linux. In fact, I don't even think you can use the phrase “Windows is better than Linux” in an article without trotting out this tired old argument.

This is usually backed up by an example of an important piece of software that doesn't run on Linux, such as Adobe Photoshop.

There's just one problem with that argument: It's not at all true. Want to run Adobe Photoshop (or the vast majority of software often used to make this argument)... you can. With Wine.

Sure, you could make the argument that not all Windows software runs perfectly using Wine on Linux. Then again... I could make that same argument about Windows software not always running well on Windows itself. Which would be a far more damning point to make. And, because I'm not the type to kick a guy when he's down, I'm just going to move on...

3. “Windows has more commercial support.”

This one gets pulled out fairly often.

The idea here is that people and companies want professional support – the ability to pick up the phone and call someone when they have a problem. This is, obviously, super critical. Especially for big businesses who have mission-critical work happening on their computers.

When this gets written, I feel like the writer wasn't even trying. This argument is immediately disproven by a quick Google search for “linux enterprise support” and checking out the number of options on that first page of results alone. Multiple high profile companies offering various support options for both Linux servers and desktops.

In other words, “Lots and lots of commercial support for Linux”.

4. “Windows is pre-installed.”

Ah, now here's a valid point. At least it would be, if installing operating systems were difficult at this point in human history. It also assumes nobody has ever had to re-install Windows which, I am pretty sure, is a task that has been done at least 50 times by every man, woman and child on planet Earth (on average).

Also... the logic here is “You already have this thing... so don't worry about that other thing that might be better. Also buy some new versions of the thing you have. But, seriously. Don't think about other, better things.”

5. “Windows is easier to use.”

The core of the argument here usually revolves around how it is impossible to use Linux without spending all day hunched over the terminal and typing archaic commands into Emacs. Which is both completely wrong (Linux desktop distros tend to be astoundingly easy to use nowadays), and also a wee bit insulting for the reader.

If a person is reading a technology article comparing two different operating systems... my guess is they don't have a panic attack the moment they need to type two words on their keyboard. I know, call me crazy.

I could go on and on with this but I think the point has been made. It sort of feels like all of these “X Reasons Windows is Better than Linux” articles are regurgitated versions of similar articles written in 1998. And, in the end, simply make the writers look uninformed about Linux.

Also goobery. It makes them look a bit goobery.



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  • mikshaw Said:

    This is the best Linux-Is-Better-Than-Windows-Argument-Disguised-As-A-Windows-Is-Better-Than-Linux-Arguments-Make-You-Look-Silly-Article article ever.

  • Steven Chow Said:

    "Windows is easier to use"... Only if they stop changing the interface for the sake of it!!! That goes for any OS or application....

  • James Manes Said:

    Yikes! Although many points ZDnet and all those sites make are pretty bad you didn't do the greatest yourself. The windows software argument is pretty good actually! Sure you can run CS2 in wine but I doubt any average joe would figure that out. And man CS2 is oooold. Almost a decade! Applications like iTunes are nice to have if you are an average user with an iOS device. Things like office are pretty nice too due to everyone out there using the docx format (which I despise but must conform to). Really though if it were up to me to attack Linux I would point out it's lower battery life expectations on mobile devices such as laptops and it's lack of support for modern hardware and video cards. This game of "x is better than y because" is a wee but childish don't you think? Maybe we should start writing about interesting subjects instead of flailing around the internet trying to act like our choice of software is superior. That's my 2 cents.

  • Jeremy Roman Said:

    So what if x peice of software doesnt run on your platform, Linux supports soooo many alternatives. Unless you are a Graphics artist, Gimp and other Image programs will work perfectly for you. and I have been Office free for years, and Have never had a problem opening or sharing a docx. actually before my company updated their office version, i was one of the few that could open docxs (docxi?) easily. I use Linux on my laptopn and have never had any troubles with my battery life, and I use more modern graphics cards in my desktop and also never had a problem. All of these points may have been valid years ago, but the linux world has changed. it is growing and changing in leaps and bounds. it is in the hands of more and more people that are not just techies, and the developers are taking note of that. It will continue to get smoother, faster, better at an astronomical rate. Windows can/will never do that. That, my friend, is Linux's greatest selling point, It can and will change. It will get stronger, it will get prettier, it will get faster. and it will leave all the others in the dust. It has the largest R&D team, the largest QA team. It has us.

  • Wine Curmudgeon Said:

    I switched to the Ubuntu family (mostly Xubuntu these days) eight years ago, and other than running Civ 3 on an old desktop that I had to reinstall Windows 7 on (so yes -- aghhhhhh), I don't miss any Windows software. To be fair, I don't need Photoshop, but how many people really do? Homebank knocks Quicken out of the park. LibreOffice is fine, and it doesn't have the stupid ribbon. There is no appreciable difference between Firefox and Thunderbird. And some software is better than the Windows -- Docky is better than any Windows dock, Clementine is a terrific music player, and the Kupfer launcher astounds me with how well it works; much, much better than Launchy. Hell, even Gourmet Recipe Manager is better than anything I used on Windows.

  • Rohitasch Said:

    I am a graphic artist. GIMP, Inkscape and MyPaint/Dopey are what I use. And .docx opens just fine in OOo & family.

  • Misstee Scott Said:

    That did it for me. Thank you Jeremy you just sold me. Linux should consider you an asset.

  • Scott Said:

    For “interesting” lets go with Microsoft’s recent announcement about Office Mobile for iOS. Conspicuously absent were mentions of Windows 8, and the Surface was nowhere to be seen.

  • Grant Said:

    You can do .docx all day long in Libre Office. Just sayin...

  • ios is linux Said:

    Did you know that apple uses debian? Youre talking about a company that is so proprietary. Using an open source OS and closing up all their stuff. The only thing that windows is good for in the IT world is installing VMware or something to setup linux vms. Windows is counter productive. Want to get a file onto yout windows server from another server? Here let me setup an FTP server for that document. Want to download that file off the net? Crap. I need to enable the browser to be able to download files first. That stuff is all annoying when youre trying to be quick and productive. Where is that tab I saw 5 minutes ago in that window I closed? Oh there it is. Hidden inside 12 submenus and inside another tab. Everything is at the tip of your fingers with cli. Oh you have powershell and need to find out how many lines are in a given file? Nice, enjoy writing 16 lines of code to do it. I dont think even many linux users will argue with you when you say windows wins for ease of use. Its pretty easy to use and nice at home. When youre trying to be productive at work theres just no way Windows and annoying install wizards win. Oh, need to setup a VPN on Windows? Dont forget about setting up active directory and a domain controller too. Lol there is just no contest in the server world. I can go on forever really. If we had a race between setting up a DNS server on Linux and Windows, I could be 30 minutes late starting, reinstall Linux for the fun of it and have my DNS up and running before you finished going through the DNS install wizard.

  • Willy-Bill Said:

    "Did you know that apple uses debian?" Apple uses Unix as its backbone. Reason why it is closed source.

  • PIerre Said:

    OSX is not based on Linux. It is based on BSD.

  • nathanael Said:

    OK, I'm uber-late to the party here, but I'll play anyway. First, we seem to be a bit schizoid about what audience we have in mind. It's absolutely true that my mother (who, after a decade of trying, still can't figure out how to attach a file to an email) would have no clue about how to run Photoshop under Wine. But then, she'd have no clue about how to run Photoshop, period, so does that really count? For those of us actually reading this article, I suspect "run it under Wine" isn't so much a panic-inducing suggestion as it is habit. The Photoshop example has been run into the ground for at least a decade (as this article addressed: trotting out the same three or four pieces of software over and over again makes for a pretty anemic "Windows has better software" argument). I suspect the folks using Photoshop as an anti-Linux club far outnumber the folks actually using Photoshop. Or at least the number of people who actually use Photoshop to do anything Microsoft Paint can't do just as well. Now, I use Photoshop. I've never liked Gimp. And I'm aware that CS2 was way old back when my grandmother wasn't. But as an amateur photo editor, I don't use 90% of the capabilities of CS2, let along anything offered by newer versions. Outside of professional graphics designers (who, I guess, are far fewer in number than the Photoshop canard would have us believe), I suspect almost nobody does. Still, I like to run Photoshop, but I've been an exclusively Linux guy for a decade. I also can't run iTunes under Linux (but then, it doesn't run properly on the one Windows machine I do have, either, so that's a wash). So what to do? VirtualBox. My main desktop machine is a dual-monitor 2.4gb hex-core system with 32gb of RAM. So I run a Windows 7 virtual machine, leaving it open on one Linux virtual desktop, for the few Windows apps I can't run under Linux (that would be Photoshop, iTunes and Ancestry Family Tree). Sure, in an ideal world, I wouldn't have to do anything of the sort, but then I actually enjoy messing around with virtual machines, so it's not like it's actual work. So if you're using Photoshop as an argument as to why *I* shouldn't use Linux, I say pshaw. If you' re using it as an argument as to why my mother shouldn't use Linux, I say when has she ever needed to run Photoshop? If you're not addressing the argument to either me or my mother, then to whom ARE you addressing it?

  • Adrian Said:

    Exactly. Pretty much every computer being used these days has at bare minimum a dual core cpu with virtualization extensions, and ram is roughly $10/GB. Coupled with the option for dual (or even triple booting) there is no real reason to lock yourself completely in to one operating system or another. I'm broke and using a Lenovo SL410 as my main computer (core 2 duo @ 2.1ghz, 6GB ram) and it handles a lubuntu VM inside windows 7 (or vice versa) just fine (except gaming, it really sucks for gaming haha).

  • Gonzalo Said:

    Funny yet accurate article. Very good. Thanks!

  • MetaNova Said:

    I like your coverage of the issue, but I think your coverage of the application availability issue was a little weak. While it is possible to make several application work in WINE, you can't expect people to bother with it and should't really be using WINE to invalidate the argument. In fact, Photoshop has not worked in WINE Since CS5. I think the big thing to make clear is the "chicken or the egg" issue that the Linux (and any new) platform faces. Windows doesn't have a ton of software because it's just so great, but because it's the largest, so developers target it. Many developers don't target Linux because it doesn't have a large user base, people can't use Linux because it lacks the tools they need to get their job done, etc. I feel that something that should be emphasized is how much BETTER driver support (or at least the driver infrastructure) is in Linux, especially when the network card in your laptop has become old enough that the vendor has decided to not release an updated driver for the latest version of Windows. Drivers don't really get out of date with Linux. You don't have to worry about updating one day and having your network card give out on you. In my experience, any desktop/laptop made in the 5 years just works (laptop backlighting can be a little weird sometimes). You don't have to wait 10 seconds/minutes after plugging in your USB mouse or thumb stick (This actually happens to me all the time on Windows, and I find it silly), you don't have to search for drivers online, and your drivers are auto-magically updated with the rest of your system thanks to magical package management systems (which is another rant I could get into). *Breath* Fantastic article though.

  • MetaNova Said:

    Holy crap it ignored my linebreaks.

  • pouar Said:

    I prefer GIMP or Krita over Photoshop and LibreOffice works just fine for me. I really don't care what distro other people use as it's all about choice. Ever since David Gewirtz started bashing Linux for stupid/inaccurate reasons, I stopped looking at his "DIY-IT" blog.

  • Sebastian Said:

    I find it hard to understand the idea that windows has more software is a good thing. Atleast i dont have to browse the internet to find a software and when i do there is always to many companys that provide the same product. I rather just run "yum search" or "apt-cache" etc etc..

  • James Cain Said:

    Re: Photoshop doesn't run natively in Linux, in all reality for the way 99.992 % of humans use a computing device, is a user case affecting how many people in reality?? Great article. Go Linux.

  • Jon Said:

    But Ubuntu (and derivatives?) are buggy as Hell :(

  • David Said:

    Hopr you are not suggesting windows has no bugs. It's full of them. Seems to me they part of the plot!

  • Zatherz Said:

    Well... I heard that the Windows kernel is made by bugs!

  • The Wyzard Said:

    What universe are you living in? Ubuntu is far from buggy. A new distro for you. You'll love it. Zorin 8.0. Have fun.

  • Neofluxs Said:

    I have an iOS device, two actually, iPhone and iPad, and they, along with my linux desktop, form the core of my digital life. Surely, the iPad forms the bigger part of it because it's potable, can last 10 hours and so, but I rarely need to use windows on my desktop (I have linux Ubuntu 10.13 installed alongside windows 7). If I had a laptop, I'd probably install linux on it and have it replace my iPad And recently, I use my iPad with team viewer so I can use my desktop anywhere to get over the portability issues...

  • David Said:

    How do you sync music to your iPhone using Linux?

  • neofluxs Said:

    I don't, I use music streaming services and iTunes as my music source. but I think it is possible if you looked for it.

  • Willy-Bill Said:

    The same way I "sync" on my Android phone, Blackberry 7290 or 8350, and iPaqs (yes, I have two HP iPaqs). I simply plug them in, let the computer mount the SD card, and move my music/photos back and forth. Unplug device, and let the SD card resync itself, internally. The iPod (yes I know, not an iPhone, but it does use iOS) works the same way.

  • Davide Said:

    Very good piece of article!! People still doesn't get that Linux is now a complete plug and play OS! I wrote a similiar article on my blog if someone like to check out: It's all about mindset folks!!

  • ade Said:

    There is often the line that in the long run, Windows is cheaper in the long run! There is also the thought that Linux will not have drivers when win 8 has so many unsupported devices.

  • drilow Said:

    The only big problem here is quite simpe. We Linux fans are certain about the superiority of our system (it is objectively better), but i'm not sure how to make my grandpa, who uses his computer mostly for office and internet browsing and has spent a lot of money in antivirus licenses, switch to linux. Why changing? It works just fine for me. That's the point. A lot of people, also youngsters, haven't ever heard about Linux, and I'm just the computer-geek, I'm not allowed to give them advise.... I think that the linux community should spend more time in advertising and bringing over new people ( who will stay) rather that discussing among themselves about the stupid articles there are online. Really, we need Don Draper working for us!

  • meh Said:

    "We Linux fans are certain about the superiority of our system (it is objectively better)" r office and internet browsing and has spent a lot of money in antivirus licenses, switch to linux" r with your "superior" crapware...

  • meh Said:

    Stupid website changed what i posted i said "We Linux fans are certain about the superiority of our system (it is objectively better)" a lot of money in antivirus licenses, switch to linux." OS? Are you like those religious nuts? Accept it, not everyone wants to bother with your "superior" crapware.. BTW DON'T WANT TO BOTHER WITH LICENSES? GET A FREAKING FREE ANTIVIRUS! THEY'RE AS GOOD AS PAID ONES DAMN IT!

  • Matt Said:

    I totally agree with everything here, but just one thing you may have overlooked, and while I still use Windows at home. Games! Not everything works, or works well under Wine, and some companies detect the virtualization and ban you for hacking, though this is sometimes done by accident, its a pain I don't want to risk, or deal with when I can run everything natively and easily with Windows. Until I can get the same experience in Linux, Windows is going to be my home OS of choice. While I do think Linux as gaming platform is growing and will get there, Windows still has the PC Gaming market right now, it just has better support, better drivers, and bigger developers. All other uses for my home PC though, I'll admit would work as well or even better with Linux, and I'm excited to see it start to take over the gaming market as well, but its just not there.

  • drilow Said:

    Yeah, this is changing pretty fast though....

  • TiredOfItAll Said:

    I guess I just grew too old for the "which is better" idiocy. Whether operating system or smartphones. I can't believe people are still going on about this.

  • Mike Roffone Said:

    As TiredOfItAll said, it is absolutely ridiculous that people still have this argument, I have both OSes in many computers, Win is cool for gaming stuff, and to run some software that does not behave properly under wine.. OpenSuSE is my default OS, If I need to carve some Java, python or PHP.. linux is the way to go.. even though I literally hate MS bloatware, I have to use it at times.. is like wearing trousers at work and shorts at home..

  • zomglol Said:

    Isn't Lunduke the same person that flip flopped between opening and closing the source of his linux tycoon game which ended up pretty much being a community con? You people trust this guy to write for you? I guess all it takes to be respected in the FOSS community is an ego, lunpuke sure has a lot of that, more ego than talent obviously (

  • Rune Jensen Said:

    Just because you favor Linux, doesn't mean you absorb everything the FOSS tells you to. Linus doesn't eat everything that comes out of Stalmans mouth either. Actually, he disagrees to an extend where he seems to despice him... Linux is NOT a religion. We're all individuals. Thank you.

  • João Lucas Said:

    This kind of discussion will probably live for a long time and still remain fruitless. David Gewirtz's article has indeed mediocre arguments, but we can't call the above article enlightening either. I belive that one good way to present OSs is as tools and how they solve the problems you address. For instance, awhile ago I installed a linux OS in the computers of two of my family members, who aren't into IT. Nowadays they don't consider going back to Windows, and it's not because they think linux is better, but because it allowed them to easily make what they want and need to do. In fact, most of the time they don't see it as linux or windows, they see a computer. On the other hand I met people who need some work-related software with versions only available on Windows, should they compromise or delay their work because "linux is better"? A relevant question is "does it make sense to pay for a piece of software that you can get an equivalent as powerful for free?", if one really needs softwares not available on Linux, "yes". However if what you need is web and an office suite, I rather learn something different than pay for it. Nonetheless, due to my good experiences with Linux, I speak better of it.

  • xenos Said:

    It has to be said that at the moment both Windows and Linux have their pros and cons, just at very different levels :-) As has been said above the rate of development and improvement of linux as a whole compared to windows will be the reason that we will see linux conquer the desktop market. There have been discussions of what would happen were Microsoft to release their OS for free? I like to ponder further as to what would happen if Windows were to become open source, now stop laughing linux users. My choice of OS have nothing to do with price, in fact come to think of it, I've spent more in donations than the price of windows. It's the nature of the beast that really captivates me.

  • Ness8469 Said:

    I am both Windows and Linux user (with Linux as my primary OS) and I really enjoy reading such Why-Windows-Is-Better-Than-Linux articles - laughing at their authors.

  • Rune Jensen Said:

    In generel I find the users of both to be also the most friendly. Could say the same about Mac users who also use either. No matter what, it's never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Instead be pragmatic. That will serve you best in the long run. Using Microsoft technology for my server hosting, Linux for my home computer, and no WINE btw. It's a quite good set up, works very well for my purpose.

  • FordPrefect Said:

    I have a MacBook Pro and I use VMware workstation, because I support so many platforms, and I develop code for all these platforms, including embedded systems development, I chose to install all relevant operating systems I support, and use, which include Windows, Unix/Linux various distributions, and one I use for network security...Now as for which OS has more software, just Google it, and compare apples to apples (no pun intended)...

  • Philip Evans Said:

    You say 'Are these sorts of articles a wee bit pointless?' Is this a rhetorical question?

  • Ty Said:

    Hmm.. the linux community. They will bite your head off or ignore you if you post in or between the lines of "PLZ HELP ME". They will also freely help you if you do so little as a google search or quick read of the man(ual) pages. If you want everyone to serve you, windows paid support is a way to go. If you want to work with people like they're humans and think "why did this happen?", linux is the way to go.

  • Rune Jensen Said:

    Old Linux guarde is dying and a new one is growing up. New one is focusing on usability and user satisfaction, so is the community of it. I haven't seen the "RTFM" answer for a long time now, and this is the very reason. My guess is, you haven't tried Linux for at least three years, neither have you asked in a Linux forum in that time.

  • Emily Taylor Said:

    Why the hell would I use photoshop when I van use gimp for free and its much better. Windows software sucks ass it never runs right you always have to pay for them for a crappy gui and it always wants to put adware on your system not to mention windows is highly insecure and always ends up running some stupid invisible process and its a pain in the ass controlling that

  • meh Said:

    You're only right with the photoshop thing it's a SUPER overpriced crap; but no it's not that windows software sucks ass, are you fucking stupid? how can you say 99% of the software out there sucks ass and can't run correctly?! because almost every software is made for windows, it's just that you are both a stupid slut that don't know how to use a computer AND you have a shitty computer that can only run SHITnux, i mean, my computer is OLD, and everything runs right here, and i can run windows without problems, if you can't run your programs correctly on windows then learn how to fucking use it or GTFO bitch...

  • meh Said:

    You have to pay for them for a crappy gui? WHAT THE HELL?! No wonder your programs won't run, in case you didnt know, pea brained WHORE, an INTELLIGENT user don't pay for a GUI, they pay for what a program do for them, also did you know there are programs too? WOW didn't know that? Well, your shitty linux isn't the only OS with free stuff, you dumb airhead, and btw, linux's GUI is just like windows' only on one side of the screen, and on top too, and anyway you can modify windows and download CUSTOMIZED themes and change the gui too, also theme management in windows kicks shinx's themes any day, unless it lets you save themes as in windows, with all and screensavers, sounds, colors, mouse pointers, etc without changing all manually... what did you say? compiz? well you can download lookalikes for windows too, also programs for adding more workstation screen things, along more stuff.... it always wants to put adware on your system? well, no wonder that happens, if you fucktard didn't had your head full of air and actually paid attention to what you download then maybe you wouldn't have gotten that virus on your computer, and the other one that makes you pay for a "crappy gui", only retard whores like you get to pay for stuff for no reason, don't know there are freeware programs and download viruses to your is highly insecure ? O RLY? Well, what did you expect to happen to a computer used by a fucktard slut with no brains?! windows is "higly insecure" only to bitches like you too stupid to use a computer, seriously, for the wellbeing of the internet, GTFO the computing world and do something retards like you can't mess up LOL... and LOL you are so fucking stupid "always ends up running some stupid invisible process and its a pain in the ass controlling that" well, it's a pain in the ass because you are stupid, that's why, do you even know what TASK MANAGER is?! And what did you expect? That the programs worked magically without consuming memory from your computer? SURE, because linux doesnt run programs in the memory right? It's windows, bitch, NOT YOUR AIR FILLED HEAD!!! OF COURSE IT NEEDS TO RUNS "INVISIBLE" PROCESSES!! SOFTWARE WON'T RUN OUT OF THIN AIR AS IF IT WAS YOUR HEAD!!! Also with stupid people like you using the comp, no wonder you have lots of processes running, how many viruses did you downloaded? because a NORMAL user don't have tons and tons of "invisible" processes unless they have lots of programs running or have them programmed to start with windows, because without lots of programs the computer runs just fine, LOL, you suck at computers, how can you know how to use linux? LOL, you're gonna ruin that OS too... seriously bitch, kill yourself, or GTF away of computers or start using your brain damn it!

  • Emily Taylor Said:

    Ridiculous. This is 2014 not the 90s with that power pc junk. Linux is preinstalled as well. I bought a laptop a long time ago with ubuntu on it and linux mint offers an OEM version to do this as well.

  • meh Said:

    At least that "power pc junk" can run all software, unlike shitnux, and who cares what year it is, most computers come with windows, because NORMAL users want USABILITY and efficiency, not do more steps for the same operation would take a few clicks on windows, and want to be able to run all games, have all codecs, etc, only wannabes poser and hipsters or pea brained sluts like you that dont know how to use computers that want a "secure" computer so you cant ruin with your derpiness want linux and hate windows........... or TRUE professionals that want to program, run servers, etc, or people who want to experiment, or people who only want to do casual stuff on the computer.... anyway... seriously, GTF away from computers whore, if you can't handle windows then you are just too stupid LOL, i bet you only use linux for using the internet or something like that i bet you don't even use the linux command prompt or know commands LOL.

  • meh yourself Said:

    i think its trying to communicate. Quick.. Kill it with linux :)

  • Balkor Said:

    @James you have some valid points (pre CS2 era). But be mindful of one serious valid point that no one can dispute -- motivation. What motivates all Micro$oft products? The first is an income. Money talks and we can't fault Micro$oft. What motivates any Linux distro? Geeky people that likes to make things work and if they don't like it they can GNU their way through it. If the software doesn't do what they want it to do, they can change it.

  • MaskedOne Said:

    I always pull out the "My 4 year old uses my LinuxMint computer....You're not saying my 4 year old is smarter than you...are you?" Lolz gets them every time.

  • Manuel Said:

    sinceramente credo di poter dire che linux è molto più complesso sotto certi aspetti, semplice esempio: non sono mai riuscito ad installare i driver di invidia con la stringa sudo apt-geet ... altro grande errore è credere che linux possa colmare tutte le lacune, semplicemente mi sono affezionato a dei programmi come IDM download manager che su linux non gira, se vuoi un accelleratore su linux devi usare un'estensione che c'é solo su mozzilla firefox, domanda... a me mozzilla non piace, su windows posso usare chrome con idm su linux no, se volessi usare un videogioco per windows di quelli fatti bene non posso su linux, linux è diventato anche più pesante di windows nelle sue versioni dalla grafica gradevole, eseguire un programma in wine richiede più risorse oltre a una grande rottura di palle, sono senz'altro eccezzionali i sistemi linux, ma dire che chi usa windows è perché non ha provato linux è quasi offensivo

  • riverguy Said:

    Linux, Schminux. We have five Linux computers in our office and home now, including the one our 8-and10-year-old grandkids use witn no issues ever. We run 12.04 on some and 13.20 on two of them. After keeping one of our computers a dual-boot with XP just so I could keep running Photoshop (for my business), I've been using Gimp 2.8 more and more now and liking it better than PS. Libre Office is WAY better than Word if only in its ability to open any file, unlike Word where you have to have the right edition to work with whatever documents you are sent. All the arugments about support being so good with Windoze? Right, Especially if you like to wade through pages of "FAQ's" that rarely answer--or even adress your questions. Linux help is always there, 24/7, in the form of real humans who know the answers (most of the time!). When Mr. Gates decided to disappoint many millions of faithful customers by bulling XP support, that was the last straw for me. Adios Microsuck, forever.

  • drGspot Said:

    ... i just read one article, a few days ago on eHow site...similar topic...i"ll copy/paste my comment from there up to here... :) picture practicality of this issues ******copy/paste of my comment:******** ...when i compare, all the hussles & tweaking in the 90-ties, needed to get some kernel 1.3 / 2.o.35 GNU/Linux up & running, on some Pentium1/24 MB ram or on classicAmiga_12oo 68o40/PowerPC_G2 hybridSymetricMultiprocessing; nowDays allmost every localised desktop distros (Mint, simplyMepis, AntiX, ubuntu,...) which i put in multiBoot, during gnuFeministic & cyberFeministic advocacy & activism, to new folk, who look for help inSide & outSide of a hackLab, i can say: -GNU/Linux is easier & less time consuming to install (halfAnHour per distro, compared to a day to patch, protect (fireWall), driverSolve & userLand (apps) equip any winblou$) -GNU/Linux is easier to use -- all the techical details are hidden from common desktop user, & left to root/admin the point that some desktop distros have their terminal/shell dissabled.. :) (control panels & centers reigns... :) ) -GNU/Linux saves time in general -- my estimate is 80 % after full switch (support) -you are on the legal side -- no cracking -one can recycle way old hw -- Pent2 / 64-256 MB ram with AntiX (exception to above is maybe hw egsotics like Debian GNU/Linux on new dual or Quad c0re Power6 AmigaOne x1ooo or x5ooo/4o 2.4 GHz :) & other non x86 hw like ARM/rasperyPi or the like. ) ...recently, we had an interesting phenomenon with g33ks in hackLab: experienced Slackware, Debian, Gentoo, arch,... powerUsers figured that, staying on a bleedeng rollingRelease tweakingTheLast edge "as-per-se" has no point any more, & that leaving developers, betaTesters, maintainers & packagers job is better to outSource to the people that do that things the best, so they switching to versionin "newbie" distros... :) ...actualy now than ever, it is more a question of psichologycal, sociologycal...maybe culture acceptance; than technical excelence... \o/ :-D

  • WalW Said:

    Think something went seriously wrong between the copy and the paste, drgspot ... I've been toying with various Linuces for some 15 years now, and regrettably, have rarely found one that fails to disappoint. I'm (VERY) sorry to have to say so, but [IMHO] it will remain a sideshow as long as resolving any problem necessitates "simply" entering ANYTHING via command-line. It's a big power trip for any computing novice to be able to do that, I know, but really, boys, it's *SO* 1970's to have to do it at all these days ... ask yourself these questions -- when did the biggest alternative commercial software supplier give that idea away (were you even born then?), and how much did it hurt THEIR business when they did? Can't quite remember whether that approach disappeared first, or button-up boots did ... My biggest current disappointment is the number of working Windows systems I've terminally corrupted by co-installing Ubunti (that's more than one Ubuntu) which trashed wireless cards that had worked perfectly up to that point. And yet I keep hoping ... keep being disappointed, too, but I keep hoping ...

  • drGspot Said:

    WaIW, i see CR/LF messed it all up... :) but i dont see how i could fix that now (edit) ... the main philosophical diference of unix-es/GNU(linuxes)OS, is that GUI (X Windowing System + Window Manager [+ Desktop Environment]) is just another optioanl application; in contrary to all the rest OS-es which want to call themselves "graphical" (Atari GEM/TOS MiNT, AmigaOS TripOS/IntuitionWorkBench, classic&new MacOS, Redmond Blow$,...) ...yes, many users dont like to dive in to technology to use it...but, compared to desktop distros say 10 years ago, there is a lot of "cotrolCenters & panels" "sw centers" where, the same thing some desktopUser doesn"t know how to fix it in winblou$, i the same manner it is unFixable in it is no more a realm of tehnicality, but psychological approach... ... DOS 6.22 is merely a singleUser, singleTask, singleCPU charicature (cartoon joke; cartoon) of anything some unix/GNU/Linux is capable to do in production which includes server, cluster, grid, cloud,...& now even digital convergence, mobile & desktop abandoning "that" commandLine paradigm, is no match to compare... But we have to remember that "Open Source is merely a development metodology & more important that Free Software is Movement & Project of *Social Change* of Shareing, by keeeping authorship rights & abandoning/releasing >Patent Rights

  • Rune Jensen Said:

    These are fair points, as I cannot say you are wrong in your own experiense of it. However... How many times have you found yourself in RegEdit in Windows just to either cure some HBOs (yeah!) or change settings or whatever? On the other hand, I have used Linux for around four years now, definitely there has been a LOT going on in that time with the GUI. In my current OS, I still need to catch the terminal for updating kernel outside of repos. But ask yourself... since this is kind of a risky task to do, then shouldn't it only be done by someone who knows what he does... someone who knows terminal commands? And not by a newbie... For all other tasks, I can use the GUI or I can use the terminal. It's completely up to me... and I always choose the GUI, since I actually hate terminal.

  • Skip Thomsen Said:

    Hey WalW, That could have been my dissertation a few months ago . . . the whole enchilada. But then along comes Mr. Gates and his decision to cut off millions of his loyal cutomers by abandoning the only OS he's ever gotten right (sort of), and we had five computers to deal with and some decisions to make. Ubuntu? Just one more time? OK, I had this terrific Dell XPS 1530 laptop to experiment with and I did a dual-boot install of 12.04. I watched in amazement as it installed itself from a downloaded ISO on a thumb drive. When it was done, it rebooted into Ubuntu and everything worked. My two printers (one on our wireless network and the other wired) worked, my dual-displays worked and were properly configured out of the box, and most amazingly of all, my wireless worked! At the end of the day (as they say), our office is now all Linux. Two machines are 13.10, the other three are 12.04. Two are dual boot with XP, which I did because I was not ready to move to Gimp from Photoshop, but after using Gimp for a few weeks now, I haven't gone back. They all run sweetly. No need for terminal entries at all any more, but I do go in there by choice on occasion. Being a 77-year-old DOS guy, I find it to quite charming, as long as don't actually have to do it. BTW, my technophobe wife who dislikes change has had no problems at all with her new system, and our granddaughters, 8 and 10 have not been able to mess up their Ubuntu laptop. They download constantly, and I have not had to remove any invasive malware from it as i did all the time with Windoze. None of them even knows that there is such a thing as "terminal." It just works. My wife has actually commented that she finds the Ubuntu "Launcher" a nice touch compared to her old XP display. She is on her computer for hours every day and usually has several apps open and running at any one time. She does a lot of photo manipulation and has also moved to Gimp with minimal adjustment. (Gimp 2.8 with its "single-pane view" option makes it easy to move over from PS.) I do understand where you're coming from, as I've been walking that smae road for the last five years or so myself. Give it one more try before you bail out!

  • MidnightDistortions Said:

    There needs to be more articles on the reasons you should switch to Linux. Even though i am still on W7, i won't ever use W8 unless i absolutely need to, but i'd prefer W7.. or better yet Linux. Microsoft has been fudging up Windows for some time now and it's getting bad enough to where i don't want to use Windows anymore. Linux is the best solution to keep your old systems running until it can no longer be repaired. That's the reason for it, but other reasons is to save money on upgrading hardware and the OS. The biggest reason i decided to switch to Linux is because of W8 and how MS and users are treating it. I thought for sure the start screen/modern app idea would have been thrown out or at least pushed aside but MS is still pushing the idea and it's just not the right one for people who just want to get stuff done. Learning Linux has more benefits then trying to deal with whatever changes MS does with Windows. There are many reasons why i would prefer to use Linux, but the best one is that many distro's are free to use.

  • Rune Jensen Said:

    Don't have to switch, if you do not want to. You can dual boot. Get the best of both worlds.

  • Skip Thomsen Said:

    Don't give up! I found a few gems of $3-5 eBooks on Amazon dealing with begninning Ubuntu, most addressing 12.04 which IMHO is the best one to go with as it is a long-term-supported version and is very stable. Check them out and if this level of info is of use to you, I suggest reading several, as each author comes from a unique place in trying to help. Although there's some overlap that way, it doesn't hurt, and there is enough unique info in each to make your Ubuntu experience way better.

  • meh Said:

    Linux=crapware that need extra steps to do something you could do with a few clicks on windows!

  • Willy-Bill Said:

    Haven't used linux for a decade, I take it.

  • Mimo el gato Said:

    What I prefer in Linux: Stability, not to reinstall each time my PCs are caughing, Having rest at home because my Wife is now working on Limux instead of Windows, and THE COMMUNICATION when having a trouble, the community is allways present to help, and having saved more than 1000 US$ when swapping from XP to Mint16. What I preferred in Windows:Win XP. The followers are exactly the same in much more bloated and really less efficient if considering the increasong sizo of a system and software to do exactly the same task. So long Mr Bill Gates, you are certainly a nice guy, truly very clever in business, but do not dream too much, the linux move really exists.

  • haha Said:

    Man. I almost pooped my pants a few times reading this. The author is just so right. I found this page after reading a "Why windows is better than linux" page. You pretty much got it all right. Also funny how I just had to use the dreadful Windows 2012 to try and set something up this week(which I simply decided to stop working on for being so annoyed at everything about it) that I felt I needed to find some "why linux is better than windows" articles to feel better. Goober. Oh man. Cracking me up. Awesome article lol. Im going to show my windows friends.

  • chris Said:

    I run linux atm. I am not set on one distro or the other. I am using atm ubuntu 14.04 LTS. For my usage Linux us easier to use than windows 8. I tried it to use Windows 8 and it did not work for me the way I needed to use. Every person is different. I am not here to convince you because your needs will be different than mine!

  • Tom Said:

    I also use linux, and there is an alternative for pretty much every program / tool I need. Linux even runs Microsoft's Silverlight plugin in firefox!

  • Casshern Said:

    I don't get this article at all. I mean I understand his sarcasm with pro-windows arguments but I have NEVER had problems of any kind using Windows. In fact my Windows laptops have been the best laptops I ever owned. I still have a windows XP laptop that worked until the charging input broke which is unrelated to OS problems. Apple-OS in my experience is awful for casual use and Linux I never used so I hold no opinion. The arguments for anti-windows to me then has nothing to do with how Microsoft manages it's system, but instead with the user itself. I know how to operate computers fairly well and i am an avid gamer so in my opinion Windows is actually far superior based on my own experience. This article also forgot to mention that Windows has many many many more games available compared to Linux.

  • cynicl12000 Said:

    I am writing this on a relatively new laptop that has both Windows 8.1 and Mint 17 on it (using Mint rto write this, and having a hell of a go at it, because my laptop's touchpad does not have a linux driver - nor does my audio card). My subjective opinion with computer OS's, phone OS's, and other things is this: for general purposes, most will be able to do what you need them to in most cases, and it really comes down to personal preference. Are there certain tasks or applications that some excel at? Certainly. Does that run across the gamut? If it did, this conversation wouldn't keep happening.

  • darkwarrior Said:

    I know right, extremely biased one too. I like linux and windows, of course I use windows most, but linux is also nice to play with, however I wouldn't use this as main os. This more software section ... he uses wine as an excuse, which barely works, I tried it and 1/10 programs works fine without issues, 8/10 ran with issues and 1/10 didn't work at all and no games were used, don't even get me started on that. No that argument wouldn't work, because there is difference between not always working perfectly on windows natively and barely working, if at all on linux with wine. Author himself says that wine is still work in progress. Last but not least, everyone who uses wine in defense is silly. You switched from windows and now kind of emulate windows programs on linux(I know wine is technically not emulator, but you get the idea, the programs you run aren't native to your platform), that's just kind of admitting defeat isn't it. It's like saying that wine is best linux native program ever made.

  • whylinux Said:


  • meh Said:

    Because they are dumb hipsters that want to look all trendy and cool because they use linux LOL, or retards who don't know how to use computers (like that Emily Taylor slut) and fill them with viruses, and since hackers don't want to bother with linux because hardly anyone use it, it's more secure XD Or maybe a few of linux users want to do serious operations and work with their computers.

  • drgspot Said: saves has all the userLand needed for average usage, it is stable, efficient, can be made more secure, user have more controle over hardware, software, it has Community, it scalable (from pacemaker to superComputer with 1.5 mil. CPUs), easiers instalation & usage on desktop (installers, software centers, centralised repositories...)... ...of course its Code is Open & some of disros are Software Free of no vendorLockIn & Piracy any more...

  • James Miller Said:

    Ugh... These are some bad reasons. I can't believe you think writing an article like this is so easy that you can just do it lazily. You sound like nothing but a biased Linux fanboy. What you say does nothing to help Windows users transition to Linux. It just offers excuses and empty promises. Now don't get me wrong, I want Linux to be successful because as an OS it is way better than Windows, but I'm sick and tired of all these damned Linux apologists glossing over the software issue like it's nothing. "Oh there are plenty of free alternatives" "Oh just run it in whine" "I've never had any problems" this, "just a few simple clicks" that. All these lame, makeshift excuses drive me nuts! It doesn't help. If anything, it feels like you are taking my favorite things, my favorite software and games out of my hands and saying "no, you cannot have these, deal with it." Excuse me, but do you guys not understand that we do not want to do that? We want software X to work just fine natively, without any bugs without any hassle. Offering alternative software does NOTHING to help us. We do not want alternative software, we want to use the software we like, because we like it for a damned good reason. Aside from the fact that wine's compatibility list is terrible for games, even when they do work about 50% of the games and software don't work well with wine, it is a cumbersome extra step that is never explained in proper detail. It just begs the question, what is the point of "switching to Linux" if I'll just end up going back to windows to do all the stuff that Linux refuses to let me do? Photoshop, msoffice, my huge library of steam games (that are not steamplay), etc. These are things that people want and Linux snobs just keep refusing to acknowledge that. They refuse to let us use the software we want or play the games we want. FFs I shouldn't have to give up all my favorite things just because Linux doesn't have them for whatever reason. I'm sick of these stupid excuses. Until Linux is able to run everything windows can, it will never be able to REPLACE Windows for me. If you Linux fanboys want it to be successful then stop with the pretentious damage-control articles and make universal compatibility happen. I'm serious, do it! I'll drop Windows in a heartbeat!

  • yeah Said:

    Oh man, you're right, and btw that's what these idiots are, linux fanboys, linux has one of the worst fanbases ever, besides the fact that, whether hipster fanboys like it or not, their BULLSHIT os will NEVER replace windows, EVER, at most you get a derpy crappy wine emulation of a COMPUTER PROGRAM that could run natively on windows perfectly, if it even works that is. Also you're right, when SHITnux is more like windows and can run natively everything i will also drop windows in a heartbeat, specially if they add the customization options from windows (the themes and that stuff without manually looking for everything), in fact there is an OS that they say can run windows programs, don't remember the name, but i liked the idea... and it's also free.

  • Geoff Said:

    Personally I favour Linux Mint, but I also live in the real world where most of my clients don't, so I have to have all desktop versions of Windows too. Microsoft in their wisedom realises this and has free developer virtual versions of Windows xp/vista/7/8 for Linux. These are not special or cut down version either. You just run them in VirtualBox. They are available so that you can test you web pages with all versions of internet explorer or your Windows apps, but you can install any Windows application. They are time limited, but you just take a snapshot after installation and bring it into existance when the time is up, just remember to save data to an external disk. For just a few of my clients, I even run Windows Server 2000 in VirtualBox and very spritely it is too. When it comes to apps it's horses for courses, so run the OS that suits your lifestyle. For me that happens to be Linux Mint for my desktop, with various Linux Servers for the background heavy stuff, plus of course the above. Live in peace with your OS and try not to jump out of pram when others dare to use something else.

  • jozboz Said:

    Linux is a great and stable os/ but utterly fails in applications unless you are a developer. For media work it's terrible. No real MS Office, linux versions are terrible and can't be relied on for professional work at a media/publishing company. Same with Excel for anything business if you are running a business, personally I can get by w/o it but everybody I know who does advanced features in it complains. Photoshop > Gimp is terrible for getting real work done CS2 in wine? Have to be joking. It will be 10 years old in a few months. FCP or Premiere > linux has no answer After Effects > again, no Lightroom or Aperture > again linux has no answer InDesign > linux has no answer Illustrator > inkscape? seriously... fail. SoundForge/Adobe Audition/Pro Tools/Ableton... vs.. Audacity? Again, seriously? Don't even get me started on font libraries. If linux ran this I would never use a win/mac box again, doesn't. These are key programs my company (and any media or creative company) uses every single day and I use them fairly frequently, about 1/2 daily. I'll keep linux as my server and to install on aging machines, but nothing else.

  • jozboz Said:

    PS my dad has 2 linux boxes, and my gf uses it now also. I think it was great for them and built them systems that always run. For professionals in creative fields, I'll say it again, linux is terrible! It's not even worth a 5 second thought.

  • william Said:

    On most of that, I have to disagree. LibreOffice can do so much more than MS Office. Gimp can do everything Photoshop does, and then some. I didn't know CS2 was still popular, as no company around here uses it. You're more than likely to see PictureIt! in place of CS2. As far as the sound applications, even on Windows, Audacity beats them ten to one. Almost everything everyone uses to claim Windows is better for xyz can be summed up by simply saying their personal preference is the Windows operating system. From a production point of view, no revolving licenses reduces cost. Contrary to popular belief, if a person can grab the mouse, double click an icon on their desktop, under a Windows OS, then the proclaimed cost of retraining personnel becomes moot, as the same thing can be done in Linux. Active Directory not available on Linux? Simply stating the obvious, Samba4. Linux can even be configured to log into, and be controlled by a PDC/BDC. The main point is, let us not argue about which is proper for a production environment, based on our personal prospective. Sounds similar to what I say to people decrying Linux on a desktop, but . . .

  • Bill Said:

    I believe my opinion is quite valid on this one... i use both systems regularly. I have one computer with Windows 8.1 and one with Kubuntu 14.04. I also have a laptop with Mandriva 2008.1 on it, but I seldom ever use it since it's old and slow. first, I prefer Linux for almost all computing. Linux is the superior of the two, but it does have drawbacks. Linux is reliable and stable, above all else. It's also very easy to use and highly customizable, which is important to me. Windows fails miserably at reliability. It doesn't take much to crash a windows computer, which in itself add an inherent difficulty of use - that the operator always has to be careful what he's doing. Windows also doesn't have squat to make it your own. However, in Windows defense, it does have better high-end 3rd party software. Video games are the obvious one in this category... Linux repositories has great time-killer games too, and they're all free, but nothing like Windows does (for a price). I've tried plenty of times, but alot of the high end Windows Games just will not run right in WINE, if at all. good high end programs are similar to viruses in that... no one makes them for Linux lol Linux also has a good "native" feel to it. Not really sure how to explain this.... but here goes: it just feels like everything fits. Windows feels like a bunch of random, dissimilar software all piled onto a cart... no two programs feel like they belong on the same OS. In Linux, everything feels like it's a natural part of the OS. On the more technical side...Linux is also much, much less resource heavy. It has gotten heavy in the last few years, but not like Windows. I doubt I could effectively run Windows 8 on the computer that I have running Kubuntu 14. One benefit to windows is that everyone knows it. Less of a benefit to windows and more of a shortcoming of society, but that's a different discussion. If my windows computer is running weird, and I can't figure it out on my own, bet there's a 16 year old kid somewhere who can fix it. If my linux computer is being weird, it's off to the internet forums for me, and after a few hours of digging i might have an answer that works on my distribution. Both have their pros and cons... Linux has more pros than cons, Windows is the opposite.

  • Ashraf Sada Said:

    Windows and Linux both globally acknowledged OS's, and widely used by millions, but looking closely at both systems with a programming background not just from standard user view, I see windows more of GUI (graphical user interface) that an OS and this is not bad, it is simplicity for the standard user, even for the programmer or developer who want his software to be used with ease. But we can't ignore that Linux is much better than windows in too main points; which first is security; and second is customize-ability (being open source OS) ; that's why I think Linux is more suitable for business environments than Windows, while windows is more suitable to personal environment.

  • Philip Said:

    Interesting article. The Windows diehards keep rolling out the same diatribe. To be fair though some of the Ubuntu Linux forms I have been on and whose posts I have read are not very friendly and reject posts out of hand because it does not fit their vision of what post should be about. Not very helpful. Also if you ask any question about enabling the Root User you get lectured on the vils of using root like you were a two year old. The windows forums are not much better. After I installed a second 2TB hard drive and a sound card in my Windows 7 PC, Windows has decided that I am an unfortunate victim of spyware and keeps deregistering Windows which is very annoying. When asking for help on the forums I have been vehemently accused of using pirated software. In October 2014 I purchased a laptop mainly because we have been experiencing a lot of loadshedding and it is frustrating sitting in thed dark for 3+ hours. The other reason was so I could do stuff while I was on leave. It came with Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is without a doubt the worst operating system ever made. The Macro mode is horrendous and unfriendly. I have spent a lot of time installing stuff to get it to work like Windows 7 64bit. I started using Linux with Ubuntu 9.04. I am currently using Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 17.1 and Zorin 6 (all 64 bit). Linux Mint is my primary distro because it has a nice desktop and the mint folks are putting back all the functionality that Canonical has been removing from Ubuntu. e.g. Mint 17.1 has emblems again in Nemo. I use Windows mainly to watch my DVD movies because the Windows players allow to carry on from the point where you stopped which is sorely lacking in the Linux players. The other reason is my weekly puzzle from lenagames which does not run well in Linux under WINE. This whole argument of which OS is better is one that will never be resolved so is actually pointless as there are diehards in both camps that will never accept the other camp's point of view. Each has its good points and bad points. In my humble opinion Linux has more good points than Windows. Personally I prefer Linux for most things. I am not a fan of GIMP I find it to be unwieldy, I prefer Paintshop Pro. So any picture resizing etc I do in Windows. Regards Philip

  • TechnoBibmo Said:

    Great article. Gave me a few giggles. Regarding difficulty of installation: I couldn't wait to be shot of the invasive, options-robbing Windows on my desktop. I'm not exactly a nerd - my knowledge of how to get around a pc consists mostly of knowing how to turn the thing on and off - and that the dvd/cd thingy isn't actually a cup holder. So...the first point I'm making is that if I - a technicological bimbo - was able to successfully install Linux Mint on my pc, then a 5 year old could surely do it. It was a smooth and easy experience from start to finish and only took me a few minutes to familiarize myself with the system once it was installed. The second point: Sure, I miss not being able to buy music from iTunes (it doesn't work with Wine), but I'm sure Linux, Wine or even iTunes devs will find a way around that for us sooner or later. Other than that, everything else I could ever need (and probably things I wouldn't even think of) is available in Linux Mint, and although there's more than one distro to choose from, I'm not savvy with them and chose Mint purely based on online discussions about it. Nothing in heaven or earth will ever - ever - convince me to return to Windows! 'Nuff said.

  • Paul Said:

    The funny thing is that people buy Android phones, use them without any knowledge what exactly is Android... Android is built using Linux kernel, the whole base of that OS is Linux, which grants the user that much customization options. CyanogenMod and others exploit this to let the users uncover the hidden potential of their phones. Same is with other devices, such as a variety of modems/routers, heck, anything programmers can put their hands on. It's all Linux, and people think it runs either on pre-set functions or that there isn't anything to begin with from their perspective. They are surrounded by Linux, they just don't notice that. Only computers and some phones run Windows. That's it. Linux is everywhere else (except, of course, old Nokia phones (pre-Microsoft era) and Apple devices, which MIGHT be re-programmed to Linux if there is a need for that. How do huge servers survive all the attacks and potential viruses? They don't need to, 99% of viruses are written for Windows, and the attacks are handled by firewalls, which are in routers and in the servers themselves, which all run on Linux. Linux FTW!

  • please Said:

    Oh please, shut up fucktard, android is the best mobile OS, yes, but A MOBILE IS NOT A COMPUTER! Also android is amazing because of google play, i would rather use that amazing store over the one from microsoft, and let's not even mention iphone, i rather have no cellphone than waste lots of money on an overpriced underpowered piece of apple shit; also you can customize androids, not sure you can with windows phones, most probably not; also all apps are available to MOST MOBILE DEVICES! Unlike shitnux that can't even run simple windows programs unless you want a shitty wine emulation!!! Let alone games! Also yeah 99% of viruses are written for windows, what would you do if you were a cyber criminal? Write a virus for a shitty os that can't run anything and only hipsters, retards and wannabes... and a few actual professionals use? Or the default os tha everyone use?? Who would you infect, a minority? Or get to most computers as possible?? And yeah, sure, websites and servers might run linux, too bad it sucks ass for general use... unless you want a VERY general use (surfing the web or watching videos) or maybe a few work related things or security and recovery tasks... fuck that linux junk for everything else...

  • Goober Raisinette Said:

    Linux makes me miss windows... because, in my experience I hit way more bugs in the Linux / Gnome environment than I ever did in Windows. Maybe Linux, as in the kernel is superior... but desktop / office usability (and to some extent network dependent software for the desktop that has been ported, like Lotus Notes, etc.) just seems to always be flaking out in some way that causes me lost time and productivity. So I don't know which OS is "better", but the Windows platform has been around longer, and my subjective impression is that it's usability kinks are more worked out. That said... multimedia on Linux seems to flat out suck. Hasn't caught up to Windows or Mac yet (in my experience).

  • yes Said:

    Or gaming, or using general software (unless you can find a replacement for linux), and also in windows is not that hard to fix problems, but on linux who knows, never ran it more than 10 minutes... of course windows is better for everything except programming, customization, maintenance tasks, these morons are just blind, close minded fanboys that refuse to see the negative parts of their darn OS.

  • Alex Said:

    Is Windows better than Linux? Via @instapolly

  • Speed Said:

    As an "IT guy", a user of Win7, Win8.1, Mint, and ElementaryOS, I think too much is being made about the software argument. There are lots of alternatives for most apps but most of those alternatives are rudimentary in appearance and often clunky functionally. Anyone trying to honestly argue that Linux's "alternative" apps are in anyway more pleasing to the eye is kidding themselves. But free is free I suppose. Fighting with packages is also a turn off to someone who just wanted the application to work. A few years back when I was first learning my way around, it took me a half hour to get my wireless printer to accept prints from my laptop. And this wasn't a glitch of some sort. This was following "how-to" post that I googled. AND GOOGLE YOU WILL. And therein lies my biggest issue issue with Linux: even as a person with a history in coding, I find the idea of "sudo apt-get" and other terminal line gibber to be a turnoff in basic computing. Yes in practice, those functions can offer start to finish quickness but code lines are never gonna be the norm in average user computing. Even in 2015, terminal code is still way to common for Linux issues. I submit that if you're a tinker-er, Distros are very cool. If you have a set of apps that you use and you just want them to WORK, Linux is a hard sell.

  • VigilantNight Said:

    Here's a thought, "Why arguing anything is better than anything in an absolute sense, makes you look like a inbred, cranially incapacitated dumb hick.” He fails to mention that things like “Steam” the currently accepted universal gaming distribution platform fails to run on Linux in Wine, when trying to simulate Windows “only” games. Games that are only written for Windows won’t work through wine, with Linux. That’s because Linux is already got it’s own Steam version with it’s own games, You can add the game executable from Wine, but it’s a PAIN in the ass to setup, and it does not run natively. Routing everything through WINE in hopes it runs correctly is a valid reason in itself. The author is assuming that Windows programs just naturally run like crap on Windows. I’ve had my share of Linux experience, and it has problems of it’s own. Bleeding edge hardware does not run well with Linux especially in regards to AMD drivers. Linux is an amazing operating system, superior to Windows in almost every way, but it’s arrogant to think that it’s “absolutely” superior. Windows has it’s fair share of uses, albeit very few reasons, but regardless they are reasons enough to keep it valid choice to computing. It seems the author of this article is misinformed about Windows.

  • youdon'tcare Said:

    This article should be renamed to "why linux sucks and fanboys are so stupid and blind".... good god, so many of them here, thanks for reminding me why i hate all of you so much... well that's to be expected from a website called "".... this author is just another retard fanboy (professional him? HA please).... good god, linux has the worst fanbase ever..... Also lets see, reason Reason #1 is true, if all of you fanboys behave the same way you do towards windows and it's users, i wouldn't be surprised if you attack other distro's users... and SERIOUSLY? Whats with this fucker?! Now windows users have "obvious inability to exist within a universe with other people in it"? WOW, because when you shitnux fanboys do the same thing against windows users you are SO TOLERANT AND TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION OTHERS, RIGHT? What did you say? Some of those people have opinions? Really? Well, i didn't know!! You attack windows all the time and say your garbage OS is better, i guess only you wannabe mighty all powerful intelligent hipsters that think they are pros are the only ones who have an opinion right?? "will simply collapse into a fetal position and give up using computers altogether"? What the hell? That's what you would like wouldn't you fanboy? In fact the only whiners are you fanboys, opening microsoft hate threads over and over again and going to windows threads too... Bottom of the barrel reasoning?.... i say, hypocrite.... 2. “Windows has more software.” well thats true RETARD, first photoshop is an overpriced crap, and HA HA HA "you can. With Wine" LOL, well, i want to run my programs NATIVELY, not having to download a piece of shit crapware that can't even run correctly programs MORON! That shit can't even run correctly games, it's as if i was playing with a console emulator, but to run a program that could run PERFECTLY on windows.... isn't linux so superior? and LOL seriously?! you could make that same argument about Windows software not always running well on Windows itself?? More like, you are too stupid to use windows, how could a software WRITTEN FOR WINDOWS not work there??! And with so many software for it! Sure there might be a few examples, but normal people would blame the developers or look for a fix online... you hipsters are just looking for excuses to blame windows for things that are more surely your own damn fault! (Or your crappy computer).... Windows has more commercial support, again true! This one gets pulled out fairly often, yes thats because its true, and you do bring up constantly how stable and "secure" your piece of shit os is, "When this gets written, I feel like the writer wasn't even trying" oh and are you actually trying to make people go to crapnux? Because it seems that you are doing nothing but trolling and looking for half assed excuses to attack windows for reasons you took out of your ass,, also why the hell would a company want to change a perfectly usable, stable, easy to use, simple and quick OS (oh you think windows is slow? well stop whining, get a job and buy a good computer instead of making crappy hate articles) for a shitty, more complicated, annoying, retarded, with less support os that btw you need to relearn? Why bother with such crapware? If its not broken dont fix it! In other words, Lots and lots of commercial support for Linux.... that are not worth the change of OS.... 4. easy fix, if you are a butthurt hipster that hates windows THEN DOWNLOAD SHITNUX... why did you even put this here? V Valid point my ass, the other 2 were valid points, this is just retarded.... also lol at this... "I think the point has been made" the only point that has been made is that you are just a fanboy that dont know shit about windows, and that you and your kind are a pest.... "It sort of feels like all of these “X Reasons Windows is Better than Linux” articles are regurgitated versions" who cares if they are regurgitted versions or whatever, that doesnt change the fact that linux sucks ass and that you fanboys are too dumb to use windows or have shitty pc's, hell, even the old pc i have can run windows flawlessly and all its programs, only problems ive had are hardware related or because i caused my os to fail (due to my own mistakes).... "similar articles written in 1998" because linux suckes ass back then even more and btw if that is so true and your crapware is so perfect then why have your precious shitnux not been improved and those problems mentioned in those old articles havent been fixed? why do windows still kicks linux's ass in almost everything? those "regurgitated articles" are still here because your shitty os is still that... a shitty os that fails at most things the common user do on their computers, and you fanbous are so busy insulting windows or mocking its users rather than trying to improve that piece of crap linux and make it more acceptable for the average user... if for a horrible reason i was forced to stop using windows i wouldnt move to that piece of shit linux, i would rather go to reactOS, learn from that fanboys, that looks like a better windows alternative over shitnux, and it can run windows software... too bad its not ready for general use yet... if they combined the VERY few good linux's features with reactos, it would be the perfect windows replacement....."make the writers look uninformed about Linux"??? Oh! And you are SO INFORMED ABOUT WINDOWS, arent you? why do you think those writers wrote that? because they tried linux and saw how shitty it was, they didnt broguht all that out of their ass like you fanboys, but well, you are all fanboys, so i dont expect any of you to be reasonable or anything.... or even polite.... so i wasnt polite in return LOL... the hell with linux.... and believe me, i would use it if it wasnt such garbage, in fact im actually considering Reactos as a windows replacement. hell i would install shitnux just to derp around with it, in fact i would even install the worst os ever OSX! (hackintoshed of course), why? because unlike you reatards im not a fanboy, and to give my computers variety, and not have windows here and there and everywhere, just my main pc.... but as a main os fuck shitnux, it sucks ass and will never be like windows PERIOD.

  • Adrian Said:

    My girlfriend had a broken (water damage, motherboard toast) 2008 macbook. There was 70 gigs of personal data on it that needed to be recovered. All I had with me to work with was my old Thinkpad SL410, her new macbook pro, and a basic router with a few extra cat5 cables. I was able to install the macbook's hdd in to my thinkpad, boot lubuntu 14.04 off of a usb stick, set up a basic sftp server and transfer the data over the local network over to her macbook pro. It wasn't hard, it worked perfectly, and it saved me a trip down to memoryexpress to buy a usb to sata adapter. How exactly would I go about that using windows?

  • hellyeahicare Said:

    "because unlike you reatards im not a fanboy, and to give my computers variety, and not have windows here and there and everywhere, just my main pc.... but as a main os fuck shitnux, it sucks ass and will never be like windows PERIOD." Sure.. it'll be loads better than windows. Windows has lots of software.. Hmmm.. Lemme see.. Most of the software for linux is open source and probably has a working windows equivalent.. not to mention free.. can u say the same thing about windows? the principle philosophy of gnu in gnu/linux is to make software free(as in free beer) for all to use and change regardless of any barrier.. windows defeats the very principle of gnu.. why in the world should i pay some idiot to do my job when i can do it for free??? u call us fanboys for having the beautiful and oft underestimated luxury of CHOICE?? we can change the way our systems look feel and behave to windows in an instant.. can u make windows look like linux and feel like linux? can u make it as secure as linux without installing a shitty "antivirus"?? we are proud of what we use.. we beat ourselves over the head with who has the better distros because our choice is sooooo VAST.. we can even change and use multiple distros in the same system.. can windows do that? can u move from aero or whatever shit is being used in windows 8 and later? windows is a damn good os no doubt.. but to call linux shit is like saying windows users got choice to do anything without microsoft's permission legally.PERIOD. oh.. and the only retard here(must say one of the retards cuz there are so many here) is you.. u are the one coming to and saying linux is shit. Yup.. Linux fanboy and PROUD of it!!!

  • Adrian Said:

    Not to mention Nixie Pixel is absolutely gorgeous.

  • derek Said:

    silly article. Sure you can run windows application with wine, but expect usability issues.

  • Eddie G. Said:

    Hilarious!.....Totally TRUE....but Hilarious! :)

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