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Remix OS Is a New Android-Based OS for the PC Desktop

Remix OS is a new operating system based on the famous Android-x86 that aims to bring the Android system to the PC platform. 

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IBM’s Watson Now Powers AI For Under Armour, Softbank’s Pepper Robot And More

From its debut to the world as a Jeopardy champion in 2011, IBM’s Watson has made a name for itself as a powerful artificial intelligence platform for large enterprise applications, from medical research through to finance. Now IBM is aiming to take Watson to the consumer.

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Linux Mint 18: Powered By Ubuntu 16.04, Coming This Summer

Clement Lefebvre has revealed more details about Linux Mint 18, the next major release of this popular, Ubuntu-derived Linux distribution.

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Mycroft Releases Key AI Component as Open Source

The Mycroft team has released the Adapt Intent Parser as open source, which is a piece of code that converts natural language into instructions that can be understood by a machine. Why is this parser so important? 

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Kali Linux NetHunter 3.0 Android Mobile Penetration Testing Platform Out Now

After being in development for over a year, the Kali Linux NetHunter 3.0 Android application has been released earlier today, January 6, 2016, by Offensive Security, the company behind Kali Linux, the successor of BackTrack.

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