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Unvanquished Begins Landing C++11 Engine Rewrite

While the open-source Unvanquished game's Daemon Engine began as a fork of the ioquake3 engine, it's morphed into a radically different and more advanced creation. As noted recently, the Unvanquished developers are in the process of overhauling the engine and rewriting significant portions of the code. That code is now...

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QEMU 1.7 Is Bringing New Features For Linux Emulation

QEMU 1.7.0-rc2 was released yesterday and if all goes according to plan the official QEMU 1.7 release will happen on Wednesday. This next QEMU emulator update that's also relied upon by Linux KVM will bring some exciting improvements...

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Docker 0.7 Released

Docker is a system for the creation and deployment of applications within containers; it was covered here in October. The 0.7 release is now available, with a long list of new features, including the ability to run on standard Linux kernels, a fancy storage driver subsystem, better control over networking...

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Congratulations OpenMandriva!

Mandriva S.A., the leading European Open Source Software vendor congratulates the OpenMandriva project for the release of its first stable version. In 2012, Mandriva S.A. had  decided to discontinue the development of its own Mandriva Linux distribution and to give it back to the community. This transfer of leadership, resources and stewarts is unique in that it highlighted the deep collaboration between a corporation and a volunteer-based community. After...

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Dropbox Joins Linux Patent Protection Hit Squad

A company launched to defend Linux on PCs and servers is turning its attention to venture-backed cloud startups and mobile.…...

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