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Torvalds Gives Nvidia Software Thumbs Up, Not Middle Finger

In a surprise reversal, the graphics chip designer has released experimental software to help open-source programmers use its new new Tegra K1 mobile processor. [Read more]    ...

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Findings from Working on Red Hat's Installer

Until I started graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I had never heard of open source. However, every computer science department of any age and stature uses open source software to support their infrastructure. One or another variant of Linux was always being installed on our desktops by the...

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Distribution Release: Toutou Linux 2014

Jean-Jacques Moulinier has announced the release of Toutou Linux 2014, an updated release of new version of the project's Puppy-based distribution designed French-speaking users. This is an update to version 5.5 "Wolx" released in November 2013. It is primarily designed for those users who preferred the simplicity and....

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Windows XP Home Users Should Upgrade to Linux -- Not Windows 8.1

The Windows XP death clock is ticking away. While Microsoft has extended support for malware protection, do not be fooled -- XP will be officially unsupported on April 8. If Microsoft has its druthers, these XP users will upgrade to Windows 8 and maybe even buy a new computer.

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Changes at openSUSE

After some confusing communications (example) the folks at SUSE have come clean on a change for the openSUSE distribution: paid SUSE staff will no longer work on creating openSUSE releases. It is claimed that the amount of work going into openSUSE is not decreasing, it is just being put into...

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