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SolydXK Hands On: Two Good Linux Distributions with a Solid Base

Two Linux distributions (Xfce and KDE), based on Debian Testing, with LMDE extras.

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LLVM Clang OpenMP 4 Support Nears Reality

It's taken far longer than most anyone would have estimated, but it looks like things may finally be getting close for the mainlining of OpenMP within the LLVM Clang compiler. The good news is that Intel developers have already been working on OpenMP 4.0 support for Clang...

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Fedora 20 Delayed for Another Week Due to Anaconda

The next release of Fedora, HeisenBug, has been delayed due to a number of showstopper bugs in the installer.

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Enlightenment's Terminal Gets New Features

Terminology, the terminal emulator for the Enlightenment desktop built atop their EFL libraries, is up to version 0.4 and it's landed heavy with new features...

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Open Source, Closed Doors? FOSS and the Racial Divide

FOSS fans are no strangers to difficult topics, and for proof one need look no further than the ongoing sexism controversy that has been debated so many times in every bar and watering hole of the Linux blogosphere. Recently, however, one came up that's enjoyed far less prominence -- at...

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