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Four Linux Distros for Kids

I can see the brightness of curiosity in my 6 years old niece Shuchi's eyes when she explores a mobile phone or manipulates the idiot box with its remote control or becomes creatively destructive with any other electronic device. She, like a lot of kids her age, love experimenting. This curiosity reaches its peak when she sits in front...

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'Nidhogg' Arrives on Steam

Nidhogg is here. The insanely fast indie dueling video game has arrived on Steam, over three years after it began winning accolades from the gaming press. Originally only playable at video game exhibitions where crowds would cheer as a pair of players faced off in the epic tug-of-war like swordfighting game,...

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Korora 20 (Peach) Hands-on: Even Better Than I Expected

I install four different desktops: Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon and Xfce.

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Ubuntu Maker Boosted Revenue in 2013 but Doubled Loss to $21 Million

Canonical's UK-based operations earned $65.7 million in revenue during fiscal 2013, a significant boost over the previous year's revenue of $56.8 million. However, the company is in investment mode as it attempts to expand beyond desktops and servers to the mobile market. While Canonical lost $11.1 million in fiscal 2012, its losses rose to $21.3 million in fiscal 2013. The numbers come from an annual report (PDF) made public this month, as required by UK law. The report provides our best look...

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Red Hat and CentOS: A Great Thing or a Gates Thing?

There's no doubt privacy is a highly pertinent goal for 2014, but partnership and collaboration are nothing to sneeze at, either. That's why the news out of North Carolina last week was so exciting. "Red Hat and the CentOS Project today announced they are joining forces to build a new...

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