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Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 3.4 "LXDE", "E18", "Razor-qt"

Paweł Pijanowski has announced the release of SparkyLinux 3.4 "LXDE", "E18" and "Razor-qt" editions, a set of Debian-based distributions with a choice of three lightweight desktop interfaces.

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Microsoft's Touch-Friendly Office May Launch on Android Before Windows

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hasn't been leading the company very long, but he's already put forward a very clear message: the new Microsoft wants its best apps and services on all platforms, and it's not playing favorites. The launch of Office for iPad was clear evidence of that, and now...

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GNOME Foundation Board Candidate Questions Red Hat's 'Dominance'

A candidate vying to become one of the directors of the GNOME Foundation has raised the issue of Red Hat's domination of development of the GNOME Desktop Project, claiming that "for the last several years, Red Hat's wants/needs have trumped what anyone else wants/needs, including the larger user base...

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Ubuntu 14.10 Is Looking To Settle On The Linux 3.16 Kernel

The next Ubuntu Linux release, Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" will likely be powered by the 3.16 kernel...

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Critical New Bug in Crypto Library Leaves Linux, Apps Open to Drive-by Attacks

A recently discovered bug in the GnuTLS cryptographic code library puts users of Linux and hundreds of other open source packages at risk of surreptitious malware attacks until they incorporate a fix developers quietly pushed out late last week.

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