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Video Interview with GitHub Co-Founder Scott Chacon on a Future Beyond Code

GitHub has become the de facto repository for open source projects. So, we were excited for the opportunity to sit down with GitHub's co-founder and CIO Scott Chacon during the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh, NC. In this interview, Community Manager Jason Hibbets asks Scott about how he got started at...

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Dtrx – An Intelligent Archive Extraction (tar, zip, cpio, rpm, deb, rar) Tool for Linux

All of us might have faced a situation at some point of time or the other while using Linux tar.gz, tar.bz2, tbz commands. So many archive types, so many commands to remember… Well, not any-more, thanks to dtrx tool. 18 Tar Commands to Create and Extract Archives in Linux How...

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LLVM 3.4 Compiler Officially Released With Many Features

It's nearly one month late but the LLVM 3.4 compiler infrastructure is now available with the updated Clang C/C++ compiler front-end, the usual LLVM sub-projects, and also some new compiler tools...

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Fedora Users Still Have Mixed Feelings Over DNF

While DNF isn't the default package manager on Fedora Linux installations until at least Fedora 22, there's still many mixed reservations about this intended replacement to Yum...

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What to Expect from Ubuntu in 2014

Ubuntu 2014: One Linux codebase to rule them all: smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

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