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Distribution Release: Canaima GNU/Linux 4.0

Canaima GNU/Linux 4.0 has been released. Canaima is a government-sponsored Venezuelan distribution based on Debian's stable branch. Code-named "Kerepakupai" (named after the world's highest waterfall), this major new release incorporates many new features and updated applications, including the following: GNOME desktop environment with GNOME Shell 3.4; Linux kernel....

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Video: Digital Divide: What if More Women Learned to Code?

When Adda Birnir lost her job in 2008, she realised that her colleagues with information technology skills were not let go. Two days later, she started to learn computer programming. She has since gone on to teach other women to code through a company she started.

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FLOSS Survey 2013 Updates Widely Observed 2002 Version

A lot has changed on the open source scene since the first FLOSS Survey launched way back in 2002. That survey provided one of the early, comprehensive views of open source developers and development communities around the world, and results from it were widely cited in academic publications, in the press and elsewhere. Now, more than a decade later, researchers are launching an updated version: FLOSS Survey 2013. Over 1,000 respondents are already participating and the survey closes on December 6. You can take the survey...

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Steam Client Update Sends Down Lots Of Changes

Valve pushed out a Steam client update for all platforms this week and includes a number of Linux improvements and more work on their Big Picture mode ahead of the public SteamOS debut next month...

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Chrome Apps Could Start Coming to Android and iOS as Early as Next Month

In September, Google told us that Chrome Apps would come to mobile operating systems as well — that packaged versions of web apps could even be sold in Google Play and the iOS App Store, once the company had worked the kinks out. At the time, the company cautioned that such...

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