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CAINE Linux Distribution Helps Investigators With Forensic Analysis

The CAINE Linux distribution helps investigators find the clues and data points that are required for computer security forensics.

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Chromium – A Modified Linux – Drops Support for Linux Filesystems

The Chromium project has decided that the EXT family of filesystems are surplus to requirements.…...

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Linux 3.18 Has PCI Support For 64-bit ARM

Going back two years with the Linux 3.7 kernel was the initial 64-bit ARM support and now eleven kernel releases later the initial enablement is still being battened up. With Linux 3.18 there's finally PCI support for ARM64...

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Development Release: Smoothwall Express 3.1

Following six release candidates spanned over 16 months, today Neal Murphy announced the final release of Smoothwall Express 3.1. This is an updated version of the project's specialist distribution for firewalls. 

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Distribution Release: Lunar Linux 1.7.0

Stefan Wold has announced the release of Lunar Linux 1.7.0, a source-based distribution with a complete application management system.

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