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Calibre ebook Manager Converts DOCX Documents

The latest version, 0.9.34, of the open source cross-platform ebook manager Calibre can convert the DOCX format that is used in Microsoft Word. It also includes a new driver and an improved ebook viewer...

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Install Scalpel (A Filesystem Recovery Tool) to Recover Deleted Files/Folders in Linux

Many a times it happens that we accidentally or by mistakenly press ‘shift + delete‘ to files. By human nature you have an habit of using ‘shift + Del‘ instead of using only ‘Delete‘ option. I actually had this incident few days back. I was working on a project... [[...

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Install KDE 4.10.4 in openSUSE

KDE 4.10.4 was released this week as part of the monthly update cycle.

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The Linux Standard Base: Order From Chaos

Imagine going out to do your shopping errands in a world devoid of standards. What would that be like? Without standard sizes, something as routine as buying clothes would be an exercise in frustration. Finding a replacement bulb or buying tires for your car would require unique parts made only...

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Use Modelling Software to Salvage Other People’s Code

Agile development, DevOps and the ability to trial new application concepts by spinning them up in the cloud are speeding the trend for in-house development. Customization and innovation in business processes and the software that underlies them, are now core areas of competitive advantage. For the developer, this means that the joy of working with other people’s code is becoming an almost unavoidable part of the job. But for many of us, maintaining our own, long-forgotten code can be painful enough. Inheriting someone else's can be downright agony.

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