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LibreOffice Writer Power Tools: Conditional Text

Conditional text in LibreOffice Writer refers to text that changes according to circumstances you set. Conditional text can both simplify the use of paragraph styles and offer a solution to one of the biggest challenges in technical documentation: how to single-source, or maintain, multiple copies of a document within the same file. Single-sourcing files is routine in technical documentation. 

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Running Benchmarks On Other New Linux Games

If in recent Linux graphics card reviews and driver articles you have been wanting to see other Linux games benchmarked, you should definitely read this article...

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GCC 4.9 Compiler Supports IBM's Super-Fast POWER8

While GCC 4.9 is now in a feature-freeze mode, the open-source compiler that will be introduced in 2014 has improved PowerPC support, including IBM's POWER8 architecture...

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KDE Applications Get Further Fixes In 4.12 Beta 3

The third beta of KDE 4.12 was released this week, but for those that missed the news only really are the 4.12 apps being improved in this next KDE desktop release...

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Bleachbit 1.0 Packaged for openSUSE

I'm pleased to announce the new bleachbit package 1.0 for openSUSE (also for 13.1).

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