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Why Now is the Time to Learn R

We’ve all heard about big data; over the past few years, many companies have invested in Hadoop, NoSQL, and data warehouses, to collect and store massive volumes of new data. Even when based on open source...

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Windows 10 Versus Linux

Windows 10 seemed to dominate the headlines today, even in many Linux circles. Leading the pack is Brian Fagioli at saying Windows 10 is ringing the death knell for Linux desktops. 

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​Microsoft: The Open-Source Company

Microsoft loves Linux, is adopting Docker for its servers, and just bought Revolution Analytics, the biggest open-source R statistical language company. This is not your dad's Microsoft.

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IPFire Is a Powerful Firewall Distro and It Was Just Updated

IPFire 2.15 Core 86, a new version of the popular Linux-based firewall distribution, has been announced by Michael Tremer and users have been advised to upgrade their systems as soon as possible. The IPFire Linux distribution is actually a firewall distro, which means that it's built specifically to provide security...

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Evolve OS Is a Superb New OS Build from Scratch, First Beta Is Out – Gallery

Evolve OS, a new Linux distribution built from scratch that's using a fresh desktop environment called Budgie, has been upgraded to version Beta 1 and is now ready for testing. The Evolve OS distribution has been in the works for quite some time and the developers have been working to...

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